One down, 19 to go

Two days shy of 17 months old, we have our first tooth. Not a front tooth of course, that would be too easy. A top back tooth. Since the day she was born, I’ve known this one likes this do things her own way. Cutting teeth is no exception. We’re delighted all that teething has finally amounted to something. At this rate I am quietly confident she will have a full mouthful of teeth before... read more

Night weaning a boob addict…with a bottle

Back in July, I decided it was time to day wean my daughter. I had stopped expressing at work a couple of months before that when she was 13 months old, but I still tended to breastfeed her during the day when I was at home with her because it was easy and convenient. I had hoped that these day feeds would gradually reduce in frequency if I adopted the often touted “don’t offer, don’t... read more

Give us back our voices

Two weeks ago, I read a very powerful post from Mind the Baby about a woman who lost her case against the HSE: The High Court says we can’t say No. This case resonated with me so much. I could try to summarise the details of the case and the judgement but I wouldn’t do it justice compared to the post from Mind the Baby, so if you haven’t read it yet, pop over to her site and read that... read more

It’s Groundhog Day around here

I have a whole new sense of appreciation for what Bill Murray’s character went through in Groundhog Day. We’ve taken to calling the baby Gums, short for Gums of Steel, because at close to sixteen months there still isn’t a tooth in her head. But the teething is incessant lately. I collect her from crèche and they say that she has been a little off form. Her cheeks are red and... read more

Win a Bepanthen® Baby Skin Protection Hamper!

Taking care of your baby’s delicate, soft skin is a priority – that’s why Bepanthen®’s range of baby skin care products should be at the top of any shopping list. Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment is so gentle that it can be used at every nappy change, even on the highly sensitive skin of a premature baby, as it contains no fragrances, preservatives or colours. Bepanthen is giving away a... read more

Things I will miss: Those sleepy cuddles

I’m a sucker for nostalgia so I’ve been loving the Once Upon a Time linky organised by Helen from The Busy Mamas. Thanks to her prompting, the Irish Parenting Bloggers have been sharing their most precious memories of babyhood, reminiscing about the things they miss most. I’m not a big baby person. Sure they’re cute, but give me an adorable toddler any day over a newborn. I often... read more

He’s my big brother

The transition from only child to the new role of big brother has the potential to be a difficult one. Certainly before my daughter was born, I worried a lot about the impact her arrival would have on my son. And the truth is that for the first few months, although he was proud as punch to show off his baby sister to anyone and everyone, there really wasn’t much benefit to him when it came to this... read more

Pumping on the job

Recently I passed a real personal milestone. I expressed milk for the last time at lunchtime. I never planned to pump at work when I returned last November. I thought I might do it for a week, two at the most to give my supply a chance to settle. If you’d told me then that I’d still be pumping five months later I would never have believed you. The idea of it! It just sounded like so much... read more

Review: Lily Charmed

Recently I was contacted by Lily Charmed, a UK-based jewellery company, and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their site and some of their products. Since I was in college, I’ve collected charms. I don’t have many – maybe ten or twelve. But every one of them signifies something to me. The sailing boat to represent my Dad, the champagne bottle to represent my 21st, the cowboy... read more

Just two more days!

I’m gutted. For weeks now I’ve had today’s date marked in my calendar. It was to be a special treat for me – an evening out with Charlie at home putting the kids to bed, and better still I was going to see the premiere of the first two episodes of Orange is the New Black when Netflix screened them in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield. But I’ve been feeling unwell since the... read more

Potty Training Giveaway

Potty training was very much a toddler-led affair around here. When our son was about eighteen months old, we introduced a potty. In his own time, and without pressure from us, he started to use it – mostly before his bath. In his own time, he started looking to use the potty more and more, until, following his lead, we began potty training properly. Within a couple of days, we were almost... read more

How could I have forgotten this?

We have a 3.5 year age gap between our kids for good reason. We had to get enough sleep first after the first one to start to forget just how bad sleep deprivation can be. But this week, I’m left wondering how I could possibly have forgotten what this was like? To be fair, we’ve had a good run of it. We did things a bit differently this time around, choosing the option that suited us better... read more

One4All Women On Wheels

Are you a woman? Can you ride a bike? What would you think about taking part in a FEMALE ONLY 22km cycle in aid of Oxfam? The cycle route follows the official final leg of the Giro Cycle d’Italia 2014, arriving into Merrion square the day before the professionals will race in! This could be a great day out with friends, family, colleagues and fellow cyclists while also raising money for Oxfam. When you... read more

Wholesome: Feed Your Family Well For Less

Today my blogging friend and allotment neighbour Caitriona Redmond launched her own cookbook Wholesome: Feed Your Family Well For Less. I couldn’t be prouder! Over the past year, I’ve had the occasional glimpse behind the scenes at the hard work and dedication from Caitriona to take this book from concept to glossy publication. Packed full of advice, delicious recipes, and the personal touches... read more

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