Christmas is hectic this year. Four weeks since I went back to work and we’re still trying to figure out where to fit in our lives around our new routine. We were pretty organized for Christmas with most presents bought as far back as last August. (I should note that this level of Christmas organization is totally out of character. It was motivated purely by the fact that my last pay cheque came in... read more

You do the maths!

So you think €140 a month is a ludicrous amount for the state to pay over in Child Benefit, do you? “Cut it!,” you say. “Means test it!,” you cry. Let me tell you why you’re wrong. I have three figures to share with you. Are you ready? Here’s the first one: €8940 What’s that? That is the amount that we pay out of our net income each year for childcare for one... read more

Wednesday Window: Making time

Time. What to do with it? How to make the most of it? Where to find it? It’s one of the things I puzzle over when I look back at life before Little Man. How did I not realise I had so much spare time? And what on earth did I spend my time on?! It’s a mystery, because I remember being busy before too. But looking back now, it seems like it was a whole different level of busy. Routine is... read more


Today is a day for celebration in our family. Charlie’s brother married his beautiful bride today. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be there for the ceremony and celebrations because the wedding took place in the Philippines, but our thoughts have been with the happy couple all day. We wish you every joy on your Wedding Day, and long and happy lives together. And we’re raising a glass in your... read more

Wednesday Window: Let the sun shine!

How nice to have been able to come home this evening and head straight out to the sand pit with Little Man to make sand castles, and build roads and hills and mountains with Bob the Builder and friends…and best of all, we didn’t have to wear wellies while playing in the sand for once! I really hope Met Eireann are right with the good forecast, because I already have lots of plans for outdoor... read more

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