Banana Buns – yum yum!

We absolutely love Banana Pancakes in this house – we usually make them one or two Saturdays a month, and they never last long. We’re also big fans of fairy cakes (or buns as we always called them growing up), especially lately because Little Man is now able to flick the switch to turn on the mixer! And he’s a dab hand at helping to lay out the bun cases in the baking tray, and scrape the... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Cake Decorating

The Christmas baking frenzy continues. The cakes baked last night and filled the house with mouth-watering scents, and after one whole day to mature, today was decorating day! So once Little Man went to bed this evening, Charlie and I got to work. Cake decorating is harder than it looks. I think we need some practice.... read more

Better bake than never

Last year I made a Christmas pudding for the first time, and I enjoyed making it – and we enjoyed eating it – so much that I decided to make it a new Christmas tradition in our house. Of course, ideally you want to make your pudding a month or more before Christmas to allow it time to mature, but this year I was too busy and then too sick to bake. And before I knew it here we were with a week... read more

When good banana bread goes bad

Did you know I make delicious banana bread? Seriously, it is yummy! Check it out – I wrote a whole post last year all about how to make it: Going Bananas for Banana Bread Step-by-step instructions, and photos, and everything! This week, Charlie decided that he wanted to try out the recipe for himself. So he made up a double-batch of banana bread (because of course making a single batch would be too... read more

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you enjoyed this year’s spooky holiday. We started our day by getting in a spooky mood making some tasty Halloween treats. We spent some time yesterday searching for some good Halloween-themed treat ideas, and in the process we discovered a great blog called The Pastry Affair. As soon as Charlie showed me The Pastry Affair’s Frankenstein’s Marshmallow Pops,... read more

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