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Potty Training Giveaway

Potty training was very much a toddler-led affair around here. When our son was about eighteen months old, we introduced a potty. In his own time, and without pressure from us, he started to use it – mostly before his bath. In his own time, he started looking to use the potty more and more, until, following his lead, we began potty training properly. Within a couple of days, we were almost... read more

One4All Women On Wheels

Are you a woman? Can you ride a bike? What would you think about taking part in a FEMALE ONLY 22km cycle in aid of Oxfam? The cycle route follows the official final leg of the Giro Cycle d’Italia 2014, arriving into Merrion square the day before the professionals will race in! This could be a great day out with friends, family, colleagues and fellow cyclists while also raising money for Oxfam. When you... read more

Win six months free of Netflix

Remember Turbo and his friends? Turbo Fast launched on Netflix just before Christmas. And now today, April 4th, new episodes from the first season are available on Netflix. To celebrate the launch of these new episodes of Turbo Fast, Netflix have provided a fantastic prize of a 6 month Netflix subscription and a Turbo FAST goody bag for one lucky reader to win. a Rafflecopter giveaway... read more

Babytalk panel discussion

On Sunday, I took part in a panel discussion at the Babytalk Festival in UCD. The panel was chaired by Niamh Healy from Cuidiu, and there were four panelists – Emily Manning (Editor with, fellow Irish Parenting Blogger, Sylda Dwyer of, and Krysia Lynch from AIMSI, and HBA. I spent the morning wondering if I was going to be hopelessly out of my depth on such a... read more

Babytalk Festival

Have you heard of the Babytalk Festival? It’s a different kind of parenting and baby fair, and it’s taking place in O’Reilly Hall in UCD, Dublin next weekend, running from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of February 2014. The organisers of the Babytalk Festival are hoping to create a parenting fair with a difference – one that is ethical and honest and provides parents... read more

2013: What a year!

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m in full-on nostalgia mode, reminiscing on the year that was. There aren’t many years where you can look back and say “Wow that was a truly great year” but 2013 was one for me. My brother got married in February, on Valentine’s Day no less. And it was a beautiful day, and a great week with family. I met my baby nephew for the first time... read more


Christmas is hectic this year. Four weeks since I went back to work and we’re still trying to figure out where to fit in our lives around our new routine. We were pretty organized for Christmas with most presents bought as far back as last August. (I should note that this level of Christmas organization is totally out of character. It was motivated purely by the fact that my last pay cheque came in... read more

Share in the Magic

Last week we were delighted to be invited along to the launch of Disney’s annual “Share in the Magic” campaign at their Dublin Grafton Street store. Much to the four year old’s delight, I decided that the two kids and I would get the train in and Charlie could join us in the city after he finished work. It’s not often these days that we’re in the city centre, so it was... read more

Finding room for creativity

Welcome to Week One of the month-long Carnival of Creative Mothers to celebrate the launch of The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood by Lucy H. Pearce.  Today’s topic is Nurturing a Culture of Creativity at Home. Be sure to read to the end of this post to find a list of links to the other carnival participants. Join the Carnival and be in with a chance to win a... read more

Product Review: MikaB Teething Jewellery

A few weeks ago, I was sent some MikaB teething jewellery for review – a pendant, a necklace, and a bracelet. Teething jewellery I hear you ask? What exactly is that? According to MikaB: MikaB teething jewellery is safe for babies to chew on and looks great on mums. It is made of non-toxic, food grade silicone, the same kind of silicone babies soothers and bottle nipples are made of. My jewellery is... read more

Every breastfeed makes a difference

It’s National Breastfeeding Week 2013 here in Ireland from October 1st to 7th. The theme for this year is “Every breastfeed makes a difference”. This theme is really important to me because it gets right to the heart of my thoughts on breastfeeding. I think that when it comes to something as emotive as how you feed your baby, you never know what path the person you are speaking to has... read more

Blog March for National Breastfeeding Week

Did you know that October 1st to 7th is National Breastfeeding Week in Ireland? This year, the theme for the week is “Every Breastfeed Makes a Difference.” You can see the new health promotion campaign on To celebrate the week, the Irish Parenting Bloggers group has organised a blog march. Check out the posts so far: October 1st Listen (again) from Awfully Chipper Every... read more

Review: Online shopping with Tesco

It’s been a rough week here. My baby girl has been unwell and sleep has gone by the wayside at night. (Earlier in the week I suspected she had chicken pox, but as the days go by and the spots fail to materialise I think it may have just been a virus. Anyway, that virus combined with some teething and a big old developmental leap has meant that she’s been really unsettled at night, and my energy... read more

And then the lights went out

I was watching an episode of Being Erica tonight, when the main character is sent back in time to August 2003. The show is set in Toronto, and anyone who lived in that wonderful city in August 2003 will remember the context for the show well – because the lights went out. In fact, the blackout extended across most of the East Coast. I remember it well because Charlie and I were living in Toronto at... read more

Blog March for World Breastfeeding Week

Between us, the Irish Parenting Bloggers have experienced it all when it comes to breastfeeding – babies who latch easily, and babies who have to be coaxed, problems with insufficient milk supply and problems with oversupply, supportive families and unsupportive families, exclusive breastfeeding, combination feeding, and weaning to formula after a day, a week, a month or more. But despite our... read more

Movie Review: Monsters University

There was great excitement in our house this week when tickets arrived in the post for the premiere of Monsters University in the Odeon. Luckily the original Monsters Inc. was on TV the night before so we got a quick refresher on all the characters before the main event. Then up bright and early on Sunday morning and off we headed in to the Odeon. The whole place was decked out for the premiere, with... read more

Medieval Mayhem at Malahide Castle

We’re always on the lookout for fun family activities on the weekends, so I thought we were in for a real treat when I saw the advertising for Medieval Mayhem in Malahide Castle this weekend. Apparently it included a real life medieval village, craft and cookery displays, and battle reenactments. It promised a fun-filled family day out. We arrived there shortly after it was advertised to start at... read more

World Meningitis Day

I remember the first time the horror of meningitis was brought home to me. I was 21 years of age, and my work placement saw me visiting parishes around my home county, cataloging all of the churches, graveyards, and holy sites of the diocese. While visiting a neighboring parish, we met with the parish priest who was visibly upset. He apologized but explained that a teenage girl in his parish had... read more

Emirates Toy Giveaway Winners

A big thank you to everyone who entered the Emirates Toy Giveaway this week. I’m delighted to announced the ten winners, each of whom will receive a toy pack courtesy of Emirates. This slideshow requires JavaScript. The ten winners are as follows: Tanya, who commented “I’d love to go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.” Carol, who commented “Also liked” Eilis, who... read more

Emirates Toys Giveaway

Emirates thinks of everything for customers flying daily from Dublin to Dubai and onwards to over 125 worldwide destinations. And now, Emirates’ young globalistas can enjoy the company of new travel companions, a collection of onboard toys to entertain, occupy and educate. Playful monsters, Magnetic Sketchers and iconic Quicksilver goodies are amongst the onboard toys that will help your child tap into... read more

Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow Winner

Thank you to all who entered the Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow Giveaway, sponsored by This pillow is designed to provide much needed support for your body during pregnancy, to ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. Hopefully, the winner will find it as useful as I do. I’ve been using it for three weeks now and I can definitely attest to how comfortable it is. The lucky winner... read more

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

We enjoyed a lovely family morning out today, courtesy of Disney. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email inviting us along to the premiere if Wreck-It Ralph. So off we headed to the Savoy this morning to enjoy our treat. Little Man was very excited. Of course, an offer of popcorn, jellies, and a movie is bound to get a three year old excited. Wreck-It Ralph is rated for General release. It’s the... read more

Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow Giveaway

Did any of you use a Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow while you were pregnant? I didn’t last time around, but this time, I was lucky enough to be sent one for review from It arrived earlier this week, and I have been so glad of it! I’m at that stage of pregnancy where no matter how many pillows I surround myself with, it’s impossible to get comfortable. But the Dream Genii... read more

Reflections on 2012

Another year draws to a close, so I thought it would be nice to take a look back over 2012 here on It’s been a busy year here – I posted 175 new posts, and there were approximately 69,000 views of posts on this site over the year, according to a very snazzy report released by Thank you to everyone who visited, and especially to everyone who commented on posts over the... read more

A time to remember

Every year around this time, as well as preparing for Christmas, I take some time out to remember my first pregnancy, which ended in miscarriage after a short time. This year, I am remembering a second brief pregnancy, and thinking of how that baby would have been due today. I am no longer grieving for those pregnancies, because if I hadn’t lost the first, I would never have had Little Man, and if... read more

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