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Posted by on Aug 9, 2015 in Featured, Life | 5 comments

The first KonMari purge

The first KonMari purge

It started when the kids went to bed last night, and then again as soon as I woke this morning. We finally called it a day at 8.30pm. The great KonMari purge, inspired by The ClothesLine Challenge.  I had high ambitions of getting the whole house done this morning. Yeah. That wasn’t going to happen. 

But we did get through the first two categories – clothes and books. I would write at length about it, but I’m exhausted! So I’ll tell the story with pictures instead. 

Step 1 – gather all your clothes in one place. I piled them all on my bed and had instant regret. Where was I going to sleep?   
But a couple of hours later, my wardrobe was decluttered for the first time in years. My bedside locker was empty. I had an entire empty wardrobe, and one empty drawer in the main wardrobe. I was converted. 

As soon as I woke up, and got breakfast out of the way…

   …it was on to the kids’ room. I started with my son’s clothes and within an hour, his clothes boxes looked like this:  


My daughter’s clothes were next. I gathered them on the bed, took one look and decided I needed more coffee. 

After a break, I got stuck in and soon her clothes boxes were a thing of beauty too. 

Off to the clothes bank then to drop off 5-6 bags of clothes, and then a pitstop at McDonalds for lunch. I figured I had the calories to spare. 

Books were next on the list. We only had five boxes because we did a huge cull a few years back and got rid of 12 boxes of books. 

Still though, there were plenty to get rid of, and soon we were down to half that number.   

Did I mention that in the kids’ room, I started with 16 of those deep IKEA boxes full to the brim, and when I was done with the clothes, I had 7 empty boxes? By the time I was done with the books, we were mulling over a reorganization of the kids’ room. 

An hour later regret set in. 

But it passed and by tonight, we had a whole new room – at least that’s what it felt like. 

 I really should have taken a before picture, but the transformation wasn’t planned. Suffice it to say, it looked nothing like that this morning. 

So now, I must sleep. Work tomorrow! 🙂



  2. Ok I’m sold.. I’m ordering the book!!

  3. That must have been cathartic! In my next house I’m going to all”Ikea”: love your storage!
    Emily recently posted..Where Am I?My Profile

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