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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Pregnancy | 2 comments

Pregnancy: Week 4

Pregnancy: Week 4

I wrote this post back in July, when I was almost five weeks’s pregnant, and just starting to accept that this little baby might be here to stay! Now that I’ve made the official announcement, I’m finally publishing it!

A few days passed after I noticed the implantation bleeding, I managed to convince myself that I had imagined it. I was working my way through the days for Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred and I felt like I was flying it. In fact I got so confident that I decided to give Level 3 a shot a couple of days earlier than scheduled.

Big mistake. Within a few minutes of starting the routine, I felt like I pulled something in my side. I couldn’t do most of the exercises. The following day, my side was still sore so I had to take a day off. I decided to go back to Level 1 when I returned to exercise the day after. Even so, I felt off. My energy felt sapped.

The little voice in the back of my head was screaming “That’s because you’re pregnant, YOU’RE PREGNANT!” But denial is a funny thing.

The weekend rolled around, and I was due to go visit a friend of mine for the weekend. We had a big night of cocktails and dancing planned. That morning, I realised I had to face up to the fact that my period was two days late and do a test, before I went drinking that night.

You can guess what happened. Two minutes later, I was staring at a positive test. Over the course of that day, two more positive tests confirmed the same thing. Definitely pregnant.


The first test – it’s faint, but that’s definitely a line

To say my head was spinning is something of an understatement. I was freaked out. We wanted a new baby. We definitely wanted to get pregnant. But I was scared out of my mind. I’m a researcher at heart and I’d read enough about miscarriage risk to know that having two previously meant my chances of having another miscarriage were higher.


A Clearblue test later that day, to leave no doubt

I’d only just mentally recovered from the last one. I felt like I was starting to get back on track. Thinking about the possibility of losing another baby almost brought me out in a cold sweat. When I should have been celebrating, instead I was trying to stay calm. “Relax” I told myself. “Relax” Charlie told me. Just relax. Easier said than done.

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  1. Those first 3 months are already nerve wracking without the added worry of previous miscarriages, it must have been so much more difficult for you to try to relax through it 🙁

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