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Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in Calendar Event, Life |

I picked my winner!

I picked my winner!

I had great fun earlier picking my winner for the One4All Supermom contest. There were some great entries. One thing is clear – the mammies of Ireland are wonderful women! My favourite entry was by Michelle McMahon. I just loved her “Ode to My Mammy” entry!

My mother is one in a million,
A woman I’m lucky to know
She’s taught me a lesson each day of my life
And helped me down time’s winding roads.

Four children she’s given my father,
One boy followed by her small girls
I was first of the daughters, her and daddy’s princess
And she says I just lit up her world

When I was a teen I broke her poor heart
Staying out all hours, answering back
Now in my twenties I know what I’ve got
When God handed out babies – I was one lucky tot!

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