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Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 in Calendar Event, Life, Play | 6 comments

A breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air

It’s been a long and chocolately weekend. I don’t even want to think about how many Easter Eggs were consumed in this house over the past three days. Suffice it to say I am currently craving vegetables, which is always a sign I’ve seriously overdone it!

In an effort to blow away some of the cobwebs and run off some of the overindulgences, we headed for the beach this afternoon. I think we all benefitted from the fresh air and a small bit of exercise. It’s a start on the road to recovery from chocoholism!




  1. What a great way to shake of the chocolate downer!

    • Wish I could do the same today! It’s beautiful outside. I think it’s going to take more than one beach run though to undo the damage this weekend did! 🙂

  2.  Oh thanks – just picked it up now, and added it to the Happy Easter post. The blog hop doesn’t seem to be linking back to your blog though. Do you need to add your own to the list also? 🙂

  3. Thanks Becky! Started to feel more normal…just about!

    • We did. It was a lovely relaxed family weekend. 🙂

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