Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! So 2011 is drawing to a close. I can hardly believe it. It seems like just a short time ago I was summing up 2010 and reflecting on our progress in our relentless search for sleep. This year I’m pleased to report we’ve had lots more sleep – the only time we really suffered from sleepless nights was when something was wrong with Little Man – teething or... read more

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

’twas the night before Christmas… Get to bed little ones! Santa’s coming! Our Christmas Eve started out a little less joyful than I had expected. Seems we had built Christmas up so much for Little Man that the poor little guy just couldn’t cope with any more anticipation and excitement. When he woke this morning and we explained that he still had to wait one more day for... read more

It’s oh so quiet

I expect will be quiet for the next few days. It has been an exhausting month – work has been hectic, our family health has taken a battering from this never-ending ‘flu, and we’ve had very little quality time together. (I don’t think plonking Little Man in front of the TV watching Peppa Pig or Ben and Holly while I cough myself hoarse on the couch beside him really... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Cake Decorating

The Christmas baking frenzy continues. The cakes baked last night and filled the house with mouth-watering scents, and after one whole day to mature, today was decorating day! So once Little Man went to bed this evening, Charlie and I got to work. Cake decorating is harder than it looks. I think we need some practice.... read more

Ready for the reindeer!

Such a cute idea from Little Man’s creche today. They sent all the kids home with a small pouch of reindeer food, so that they could leave a snack out for Rudolph on Christmas Eve. Now in my day, Rudolph always ate carrots, but it seems he’s moved up in the world. These days he gets magic reindeer food – a mixture of rolled oats and glitter! I have to admit it looks fantastic, and Little... read more

Better bake than never

Last year I made a Christmas pudding for the first time, and I enjoyed making it – and we enjoyed eating it – so much that I decided to make it a new Christmas tradition in our house. Of course, ideally you want to make your pudding a month or more before Christmas to allow it time to mature, but this year I was too busy and then too sick to bake. And before I knew it here we were with a week... read more

Picture Perfect

My parents came to visit tonight and they brought us a gift – a chalk drawing of Little Man, based on a photo of him taken at his second birthday party. I can’t believe the likeness – it’s just perfect, down to the glint in his eyes! I love... read more

Little Man on Ice

Sometimes something unexpected and a little bit magical happens to give you a lift and brighten your day. We went into Dublin early today to get the last of the Christmas shopping done. But by 11am, the crowds were building, we hadn’t found anything we were looking for, and my mood was pretty low. I hate shopping at the best of times, but when it’s crowded – my whole body just tenses up... read more

There really was a penguin!

Blogging while under the weather – and more importantly while under the influence of antibiotics and paracetamol – may not be the best idea. Last night I wrote a lovely Wordless Wednesday post all about how Little Man and Charlie made a cute Christmas jumper of a penguin. And then I illustrated it with a photo of Little Man wearing a snowman jumper. I proofed it twice, posted it, read it again... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Jumper

So I missed Wordless Wednesday last week! It was the first Wednesday in months when I didn’t post a photo of something from our week – in fact I didn’t post anything at all that week. I was too sick, and too busy with work, and even a Wordless Wednesday post seemed like too much effort. Not so this week! This week I have a great photo. Charlie and Little Man were busy while I was tucked... read more

When good banana bread goes bad

Did you know I make delicious banana bread? Seriously, it is yummy! Check it out – I wrote a whole post last year all about how to make it: Going Bananas for Banana Bread Step-by-step instructions, and photos, and everything! This week, Charlie decided that he wanted to try out the recipe for himself. So he made up a double-batch of banana bread (because of course making a single batch would be too... read more

Let it snow!

I’ve been dreading snow this year. After getting snowed in for weeks on end in the run up to Christmas last year, I’ve been so happy this year to see the misty rain and the accompanying mild temperatures. Still though…Little Man’s at a perfect age for having some real fun in the snow. It would be a shame not to see his reaction to it. So when Charlie’s boss offered to loan him... read more

Hughes & Hughes Giveaway Winner!

Many thanks to Hughes & Hughes for sponsoring a great giveaway here on this week, and thanks also to all of you who entered. And now it’s time to announce the winner of this great selection from Hughes & Hughes: Blizzard Bear Adam Saves Christmas That’s Not My Teddy Peter Rabbits Nursery Rhyme Time My Hand Print Kit I’m delighted to announce that the winner of this... read more

Don’t try this at home

Mammy guilt strikes again. I am still too sick to be a good Mammy this week. The best I can manage is to keep Little Man fed and out of any serious trouble. So mid-afternoon when I was really running out of steam, and I couldn’t justify another minute of Peppa Pig, I had an arts-n-crafts brainwave. I cut up loads of coloured bits of paper and took out the paper glue and a nice Christmas picture.... read more

It’s a virus

I knew whatever I had was a virus. So I didn’t go to the doctor on Saturday when I was aching, on Sunday when I being sick, on Monday when I was unable to move from the couch, on Tuesday when I had a temperature that would only stay down with paracetamol, or on Wednesday when I was still feeling like crap. I hate going to the doctor and paying €50 to be told “it’s a virus” which... read more

A Family Day Out in Dublin at Christmas

I had intended to write this post on Saturday evening and publish it then, but at 7pm I was already in bed, feeling very sorry for myself, and here I am a few days later only now starting to come out the other side of the haze. So it’s taken me a few days longer to write it than expected, but here it is – my story of five fun activities to make a nice family day out with a toddler in Dublin at... read more

Feeling sorry for myself

I’m sick. Sniff. And I have been since Friday, which is ages and ages ago. Some kind of body flu or stomach flu, which has not been pleasant. Today is the first day I’ve been able to eat reasonable amounts of food, so I’m definitely on the mend. But with a temperature of 101.7 this evening, I feel entitled to a little bit of self-pity. On the bright side, a few weeks before Christmas is a... read more

Hughes & Hughes Giveaway!

Christmas is coming early here at – and not just because we’ve had our Christmas tree up since last week! To get you in the holiday spirit, I have a fantastic giveaway sponsored by Hughes & Hughes Booksellers. Hughes & Hughes stores are located in St. Stephen’s Green, Santry, Swords, Dundrum, Jervis Street, and Ennis. They stock a great selection of children’s... read more

Twitter and the #ToyShow

For years, Charlie was annoying me about Twitter, telling me how great it is. Twice I signed up to see what all the fuss was about. Twice I followed a few people and watched my Twitter feed to see what would happen. I felt like I’d joined a conference call late, and on a bad line, so I was only getting snatches of meaningless conversation from random people. My confusion grew even more when I... read more

It’s Christmas Jumper time again!

Last year, Little Man and his Daddy had great fun getting dressed up for Christmas Jumper day, and entering their photo in the One4All contest. They didn’t win – even if I think they had the cutest entry by far!! (I’m not a bit biased, honest!) Not to worry, there’s another chance to win this year! All you have to do is enter a photo of you in your best Christmas jumper, to be in... read more