Wordless Wednesday: Precious ornaments

Those of you who were bored silly with my Christmassy trip down memory lane on Monday should really look away now! For Wordless Wednesday this week, I’ve decided to share a photo of another of my favourite ornaments. This one was also a gift from my mother – a beautiful stocking shaped photo frame housing one of the first photos of Little Man. I hardly recognise him in it now, he just looks so... read more

It’s the little things

Life is busy, and if we’re not careful it can pass us by in a blur of work, eat, sleep, work… At least that’s how I feel since I went back to work full time. There are days when I feel like I’ve spent more time sitting in my car commuting than I have spent with my son. Actually, that’s probably the reality rather than just a feeling. But in the middle of it all, there are... read more

Children’s Nativity Set

When we were at the Toy Show in the RDS recently, I was specifically looking for a children’s nativity set. I wanted something with chunky figurines that Little Man could play with. When I was growing up, I used to love setting up the figures in our crib, recreating the nativity story. Still though, it’s not that easy to find a nativity set that’s suitable for a child to play with. For... read more

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

We can’t get enough of Sue Hendra’s books in this house at the moment. Our new bedtime routine involves Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster, and during the day, Little Man’s book of choice from the bookcase in the sitting room is Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell. Norman is a slug who longs for more from life – specifically he longs for the glamorous life of... read more

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas tree!

A strange thing happened this year. Charlie suggested we put up the Christmas tree early. Before he could change his mind, I agreed! This has never happened before. Every other year in the eight or so years that we’re living together, Charlie has insisted that we wait for December 8th to put up the tree. Not this year though. For some reason he wanted to put it up early, and hey, I’d have the... read more

Welcome back Sleep!

Last month was a tough one sleep-wise. The whole family was sick – we all had coughs and colds. None of us was sleeping well, and poor Little Man was continuously woken by his cough. On top of this, he seemed to be sleeping too much during the day, and then taking hours and hours to settle at night. We had a lot of nights where he was awake until 9.30pm or 10pm. Charlie and I had no down-time in the... read more

Book Review: Old Before My Time

In many ways, Hayley Okines is a normal teenage girl, with a crush on Justin Bieber and the usual complaints about school! But Hayley was born with a rare genetic condition called progeria, which means that she ages eight times faster than normal. When her parents first received her prognosis, they were told that her life expectancy was 13 years of age. This December, Hayley will turn 14. Old Before My... read more

Wordless Wednesday: I won! I won!

Ooh exciting! I got a tweet from @mollymoo_ie telling me that I won a contest I entered on her blog yesterday. Of course, I popped straight over to her site to check it out, and sure enough – there was the announcement naming me as the winner! And what a great prize – €180 gift certificate to spend on Wow! So now I’m off to do some shopping and see what lovely treats I... read more

A visit to Skerries Mills

Since I returned to work full time six weeks ago (not that I’m counting…), we’ve been making an effort to ensure we have some quality family time over the course of each weekend. And in the process, we’re finding all sorts of fun places to visit around Dublin. On Sunday morning just gone, we took a trip over to Skerries for a visit to Skerries Mills. We’d never been before, so... read more

Twittering Irish Parents

I created my first list on Twitter today. Don’t know why I never created one before. Twitter is great, but once the number of people you are following goes beyond a certain point, it becomes difficult to find tweets from the key people you are interested in. Their messages get lost in the constant chit-chat – or twittering I guess. The majority of the people I follow on Twitter are fellow... read more

Christmas Advent Tree Review

While we were at The Toy Show in the RDS yesterday, we popped in to the Clever Box Club stall to say hi to Elaine and check out some of her Clever Box Club creations for the day. She told us all about their newest product – the Christmas Advent Tree kit – and offered us one for review. So when Little Man woke from his nap yesterday afternoon, we spent some time getting creative with our... read more

Our Toy Show Visit

I’ve just seen on The Toy Show Facebook page that a lot of people who attended it at the RDS today had a terrible time and they’re making some serious complaints about lengthy queues, health and safety concerns, and a mis-sold show. Well we were there this morning – myself, Charlie, and Little Man – and we enjoyed it. Before I describe our experience there perhaps I should outline... read more

Top five storybooks for toddlers

With Christmas looming, I thought I’d recommend a few of our favourite storybooks, in case any of you are in need of stocking filler ideas. Topping the list in our house at the moment is a book called “Ssssh! Duck Don’t Wake the Baby” It’s all about poor Duck who just wants to go for a drive in his truck with his friend Goat. But he has to wait while Goat looks after Baby.... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Blog Blog

My eyes are starting to hurt as I flick between my old hosting package and the new one, checking that all of my files are in place, and ensuring that the functionality is the same between the old installation of and the new one. Nearly there though…nearly there. A few more evenings’ work and I can stop seeing double. (Photo courtesy of my Hipstamatic... read more

Nothing’s ever straightforward!

I have nothing to blame but my own impatience. I should have waited until this weekend to transfer the domain name for to my new webhost. But I didn’t – and now we are encountering a few “teething issues”! So my apologies for any inconsistencies in the site in the next few days. I have a feeling it will be Saturday before I get any real time to sit down and spend a few... read more

The two year check-up

I took Little Man along to the Public Health Nurse (PHN) today for his two year check-up today. Okay so it’s about six weeks too late – but better late than never, right?! I wasn’t that pushed about it, because I was pretty certain that he’s meeting all his milestones. In the past six months, he went from having no words at all, to full scale conversations. And physically –... read more

Goldfish are hard work!

I always thought that fish made easy pets. In fact, I’ve often joked that if ever Little Man wants a puppy, I’ll talk him into getting a goldfish instead because at least that way there’s no work involved for me. Or so I thought. Back in August, we got Freddie, our first pet goldfish. We put Freddie in a little “My First Aquarium”, a 13 litre tank that we thought would be... read more

All those little things: Changing webhosts

You might notice some changes on in the coming week or so. I’m changing webhosts, so Charlie and I have been hard at work replicating the existing site on my new host site in preparation for the move. I guess I never realised how many “little tweaks” I made to the site during the past year. A new plugin here, a change to the code there… And do you think I made a note of any... read more

App Review: Patchy for iPad

Last week, I was sent a new storybook app for the iPad to review. Patchy for iPad has been published by Crossroad Solutions, and is available from iTunes for €2.39: Patchy for iPad My first impression of this app was great. Each page contains cute animated graphics, and the music and voiceover sound lovely. So what’s it about? Patchy is a lonely little doll, left behind in an abandoned house. He... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Once in a blue moon

Must be a blue moon tonight, because for several glorious seconds our laundry basket was actually empty! No small feat in this house, where we seem to generate as much laundry as a small rugby team on a rainy day. But last week, we finally got a new tumble dryer, and we’ve been playing catch up since. To celebrate this rare occurrence, I snapped a quick photo. And just as well…because a few... read more

A Truly Life-Saving Story

Once upon a time there was a little bunny with a special story to tell. And if you read that story, you might just save a child’s life. Remember I attended the Pampers-UNICEF bloggers’ event a few weeks ago and learned all about MNT. I learned, to my horror, that every nine minutes, a baby in the developing world dies of this preventable disease. But since 2006, Pampers has partnered with... read more

A cinematic milestone

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we decided to take Little Man to see the Arthur Christmas premiere in aid of Barnardos. After all, he only just turned two last month. Sitting still for ninety minutes is not top of his list of skills just yet! But Charlie and I talked about it and decided that we’d take him along, and if he was really restless we’d just leave early. Turns out we were... read more

Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Time to announce the winner of my Birthday Giveaway to celebrate my real birthday and my blog birthday this week. The grand prize is a €50 One4All gift card – a special birthday wishes card in honour of the occasion. The winner of the €50 One4All gift card is Sinead Twomey, who commented “lovely prize.” Congratulations Sinead! Many thanks to everyone who... read more

All aboard!

There was a great deal on nappies in my local SuperValu today, so I came home with a couple of Mega-sized boxes. Of course, Little Man wanted to play with the boxes immediately – but after our success last month with the Clever Box Club kit, we were feeling a bit more creative than usual today, so we made him wait a few minutes – and we decided to turn one of the boxes into a train. It was... read more

Are you a Mammy or Daddy blogger?

As I may have mentioned once or twice this week, I’ve been blogging on for a year now. In that time, I’ve found some great blogs by other Irish parents, mainly through connections on Twitter, or recommendations from friends. But I’m sure there are some I’m missing out on. So I thought I’d publish this post and invite any Irish Mammies and Daddies with blogs to comment... read more

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