Wordless Wednesday: Spot the Little Man

Somewhere in this photo is one Little Man, cunningly disguised as a penguin – can you spot him?! I took this earlier in the week during our trip to Dublin Zoo with Aine from Andmybaby and her son. I think we spent more time playing with the wooden penguins than we did looking at the real ones! read more

Not welcome here

I received my first proper “hate mail” style comment this weekend. I had read enough on other blogs to know to expect one sooner or later, but it still took me by surprise. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. Should I ignore it, delete it, approve it, respond to it publicly? I really found it hard to decide. I let it sit there in my comments queue for a while until I’d... read more

Two for the zoo!

What a great day today! Little Man and I were up bright and early today (a little earlier than I was hoping to be honest, but I guess two lie-ins in a row is a bit much to ask for!). We packed up our bags and headed to Dublin Zoo to meet Aine from Andmybaby and her son Little M. The weather wasn’t great – a bit cold and overcast. But the rain held off, and sure if we were waiting for sunshine... read more

Snuggle Feet Giveaway Winner!

Drumroll please! It’s finally time to announce the winner of the Snuggle Feet Giveaway. Thank you to everyone who entered this week. The winner of the Snuggle Feet Giveaway is… Averil Rafferty Congratulations Averil! Hope you enjoy your prize! read more

The Little Big Club

Today was Little Man’s first theatre experience – or musical theatre experience to be precise! We went to see The Little Big Club in The Olympia. The Little Big Club is a ninety minute show starring The Little Big Club band and a selection of their friends – Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder, Pingu, Thomas the Tank Engine, Angelina Ballerina, and Barney! Little Man was fascinated from the... read more

Two more days

Only two more days left in the Snuggle Feet Giveaway, where you can win a pair of Snuggle Feet baby or toddler shoes or leg warmers. If you haven’t entered yet, now’s your chance. Just visit the Competition page and leave a comment. The competition is open to Irish and UK residents. Full details are available on the competition page. Good... read more

Watch this space:

You may notice there’s a new badge in the right-hand column of my site. As Loved by MummyPages it says. is a fanastic resource for Irish parents. It has helpful articles and information on all aspects of Pregnancy and Parenting in Ireland. As well as checking out the site, you can follow MummyPages on Facebook, and join with over 25,000 other parents to keep up to date with Irish... read more

Wear something glamorous

“Wear something glamorous,” the photographer said. And with three words, my stomach started to churn and my mind started to race. Glamorous adjective 1. full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, esp. in a mysterious or magical way 2. full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity Oh dear. Nowhere does the definition of glamorous mention dark circles under the eyes... read more

Seems M&S don’t know what lunch is

Charlie and I have always loved to eat out. When we lived in Toronto all those years ago, I’d say that rarely a day passed when we didn’t eat out for at least one meal. And even once we moved home to Ireland after our year away, we continued to eat out several times a week. No longer having the freedom to do that came as quite a shock to us when Little Man arrived on the scene. But as... read more

Snuggle Feet Giveaway!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m running a Snuggle Feet Sponsored Giveaway on this week. Read on to find out all about Snuggle Feet, and how you can be in with the chance to win a pair of Snuggle Feet shoes or a pair of Snuggle Feet Leg Warmers of your choice. Snuggle Feet have been a hit in our house since the day we discovered them. I first reviewed them last January, when I wrote... read more

Moving to a big boy bed – again!

Little Man proved to us earlier in the week that not only can he climb out of the cot, he can climb into it. That’s no small feat I might add, because it’s a large cot bed. Charlie and I were forced to admit that it was time to try again with the move from cot to bed. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might know that we tried this a few months back and were very... read more

ALCI Annual Conference 2011

The Association of Lactation Consultants in Ireland is holding its annual conference on Friday September 16th. Here are the full details for anyone interested in attending. This year’s Annual Conference of the Association of Lactation Consultants in Ireland takes place on Friday September 16th 2011 in The Strand Hotel, Limerick. The theme is “Breastfeeding – Affordable In A Recession” and the... read more

Mmm mini apple pies

One of the things I missed the most when I moved out of home was my mother’s apple tarts. Delicious thin slices of crumbly pastry with a sugary apple filling. Like all good home cooking, no one makes apple tarts quite the way Mammy does! When Little Man and I were visiting my parents last weekend, they gave us a big bag of cooking apples to take home with us, fresh from the trees! So of course I... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Nothing beats a good stick!

Is there anything more fun for a toddler than a good stick?! Little Man found this particular stick on a recent outing to a local pet farm, and the animals were quickly forgotten in favour of the stick! read more

A disciplinary matter

Around the time Little Man turned 18 months, we started to think about discipline. Up to that point, if he did something that he wasn’t allowed to do, we just removed him from the situation, and that seemed to be enough. But as he got older, that just didn’t cut it anymore. Removing him from the situation or distracting him didn’t actually teach him that there was a problem with whatever... read more

App Review: Ticket to Ride

It seems like ages since I’ve reviewed a board game, probably because Charlie and I have fallen out of the habit of our weekly game night in the past few months. Life has gotten in the way a little bit, and it’s been harder and harder to make the time for it. In fact, I think the last time I reviewed a board game was when I reviewed Carcassonne: The Castle back in March, so it has definitely... read more

My first pet goldfish

Meet Freddie Fish, the newest member of our family. Little Man picked him out himself! We’ve never had a pet before and we don’t have space for anything big, so we decided to start with something that would fit easily in our little house. We went to our local petstore, and picked up a My First Aquarium. It came complete with filter, stones, and a little plant. Little Man picked out a rock... read more

Pea Pickin’

The weather wasn’t great today, but there was work to be done! Little Man and I are visiting his grandparents, and Grandad needed some help picking peas for dinner. So Little Man had to work for his dinner! read more

Toy of the year: Playdough

We have a winner folks! Toy of the year goes to Playdough, without a doubt. This has to be the most versatile toy around. When you make the homemade version together, you get to play at baking (of sorts!), and then the finished product is a substance that can be moulded into just about anything you can think of. Same goes for the store-bought version, which we’ve been using lately because we found... read more

Accidentally supporting pinkification

I have a bit of a problem with pink toys. When I walk through a toy shop, I cringe to see the gender neutral or boy’s versions of toys in lovely strong primary colours juxtaposed with the “girl’s versions” of the toys in various shades of pink. I always try to avoid buying pink for my nieces, going for the primary colours version instead – where possible! And it’s not... read more

Wordless Wednesday: More hair for the chop!

On Sunday night, after chasing Little Man around with a hair dryer for 15 minutes, I decided that it was high time for a haircut again. I’m happy to report that the haircutting experience is definitely getting easier each time. No tears like the first time. This time, he seemed to know what was going on when we arrived at the hairdressers, and he was happy to pick out which car he would like to sit... read more

App review: Spot the dot

Spot the Dot is an app created by Ruckus Media, in conjunction with children’s author David A. Carter. At its essence, this app asks children to “spot the dot”, using their finger to point out particular coloured dots on screen. The app is colourful and vibrant. Visually, Little Man found it very appealing. At first you are required to spot the red dot, which Little Man did with ease. And... read more

Book Review: Hot Cross Mum

Hot Cross Mum: Bitesize Slices of Motherhood I’ve been reading Hazel Gaynor’s blog “Hot Cross Mum” for a while, and I always enjoy it. It’s one of those blogs I turn to when I need a nice dose of parenting in-jokes. Reading it feels like a conversation with a good friend, one who understands exactly what you are going through yourself, and who isn’t afraid to tell you... read more

A child’s eyes

I’ve written before about the fact that Charlie and I are lucky enough to be able to parent equally. We’ve both been able to reduce our hours to a four day week so that we each get a full day on our own with Little Man. It’s been wonderful and I’ve really been appreciating it lately because it’s coming to an end soon. (My parental leave is running out and my precious weekdays... read more

Guest Post: Low milk supply isn’t always a myth

As part of World Breastfeeding Week, I have another breastfeeding story to share with you – this one about difficulties with low milk supply. If you read about breastfeeding myths, first on the list is “Most women do not produce enough milk.” Many people read this as though low milk supply itself is a myth, which it certainly is not. So today, I’m delighted to share Ger’s... read more

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