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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Write | 9 comments

The Irish Parenting Bloggers Group

The Irish Parenting Bloggers Group

20120801-223529.jpgHave you spotted the shiny new Irish Parenting Bloggers badge over on the right hand side of my blog? (If you’re viewing the site in mobile mode, you won’t be able to see it. You’ll need to switch to the full version. )

This badge has been designed by MollyMoo and if you click it, it will bring you directly to the Irish Parenting Bloggers list on Facebook. This is a public list, so anyone can subscribe to it. Once you subscribe to the list, you can see updates from all of the Irish Parenting Blogger pages that have been added.

Right now, I’ve got 14 bloggers on the list. If you know of any more Irish Parenting Bloggers who should be added, just let me know. All I need is a link to their Facebook page to include them.

As well as the public list, we’ve started a friendly parenting bloggers community. The community is a private Facebook group where parenting bloggers can discuss post ideas, share links, ask technical advice, and arrange get-togethers. If you are Irish or are living in Ireland and you have a parenting blog, and you’d like to join this group, just email your name and your blog URL to me (Lisa[at] and I’ll add you in.


  1. Sounds great, well done Lisa on setting this up. I’d love to join your group please. I’m down in Cork, Amy x

    • Welcome to the group Amy! I’ve added you now. šŸ™‚

  2. oh me please – I’ve emailed you xx

    • Sent you a reply and think I have you all set up in the group now!

  3. Hi! I’m from Dublin but living in the States – can I be included? I’d love to get some more readers from home…

    • Of course you can Maud! The more the merrier! I’ve added your blog’s Facebook page to the Irish Parenting Bloggers public Facebook list, but you need to request access to the Irish Parenting Bloggers Facebook group so that I can approve you.

      • Will do.

    • Sure Siobhan. I’ve added your Facebook page to the list. You just need to request access to the group (I can’t add you directly because we’re not Facebook friends.) Once you’ve requested access to the Irish Parenting Bloggers group I’ll approve your request and you’ll be all set!


  1. My Wee Blog: Put the Kettle On | one cool site - […] to a group of bloggers has been invaluable to me. Iā€™m a member of the Irish parenting bloggers group.…
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