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Posted by on Nov 13, 2010 in Love, Reviews |

Test driving the BLW cookbook

Test driving the BLW cookbook

Baby Led Weaning CookbookI was very excited on Thursday when my latest baby purchase – The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook – arrived. It took until today though for me to get a chance to try it out. The recipe I chose to try was for Lamb Tagine, which is a mildly spiced dish with lamb, tomato, apricots, sultanas, Ginger and garlic. It is slow cooked in the oven for two hours so that the lamb is soft and tender.

Preparation took me the best part of an hour – luckily Little Man was asleep! The only reason it took so long though was because I bought a joint of lamb and it took me a half hour to carve it up into lamb pieces. So note to self, get the butcher to remove the bone in future.

Once it went in the oven though there was no more work other than stirring it once after an hour. And again after a second hour before serving it.

I also made rice and green beans to serve with it. Hubbie and I thought it was very tasty. The real test though was Little Man. I was keen that he eat some because he’s teething today and off his food. Of course I was disappointed. He ate one small piece of lamb from his fork and he just poked the rest of it with his knife before upending the whole lot on the floor.

However, I think he liked what he tasted. So I would definitely make this again. Being realistic it probably didn’t matter what I served today. On the days when he’s not interested in food, he just shakes his head and waves his arms and any food you set in front of him ends up on the floor!!

I’ll keep you posted as we work our way through the recipes. Tomorrow Moroccan Chicken is on the menu. Sounds yummy!

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