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Posted by on Nov 16, 2010 in Play, Reviews | 1 comment

Sophie the giraffe

Sophie the giraffe

Sophie the GiraffeMy favourite toy these days is Sophie the giraffe. Little Man is a big fan too but sometimes when he’s teething badly, I think I am more relieved than he is to see Sophie come out of the toy box. She is far and away the best teething toy around.

This week Little Man seems to be cutting two more top teeth. They keep appearing above the gum line, and then the gums heal up again and they disappear for another day or two before disappearing. My own little vampire baby. The poor thing is suffering a lot as a result. And Sophie is the only teether he likes.

I bought Sophie when he was around four months old. He could barely hold her and I wondered for a few days if she had been a waste of money. But he soon got the hang of using her. And here we are nine months later and I wouldn’t be without her.

I met a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and she had just bought a Sophie the giraffe for her little boy. I got such a shock when I saw the colour difference between the new Sophie and Little Man’s Sophie. Ours is totally faded. Which is to be expected I suppose when she gets washed and chewed so often.

So when someone asks me if I have any advice for dealing with teething, before recommending Bonjela, or Calpol, or anything like that, I always suggest starting with Sophie.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Lisa, I’m a member of the FB bloggers group but to my shame hardly ever participate… The truth is I barely barely get time to post, currently trying to squeez out one a week but not easy during the summer hols. Anyway today its so damn hot (I’m in Spain)I’m arsing off and having a goo finally at some of the other Irish mama blogs. Wow!! Some really thoughtful and also really funny stuff out there!
    Came across your post on Sophie the Giraffe, caught my eye as i also wrote a piece on it recently so have linked back to your review from mine, hope that’s ok??

    Hope all is good in post bank holiday Ireland! best wishes Grainne


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