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  1. SEVEN weeks already??!! Yay it’s all going so well xxx

  2. Would you get a lilla kudis or clevamama pillow for her? mark was obsessed with T’s small flat patch which he noticed before me, around 8/9 weeks. He wasnt born with it but we think there was a bit of a lean on the moses basket stand causing him to prefer one side. It’s disappeared totally over time, but we noticed it improving quite quickly after we got the clevamama one.

    • Oh we have a Clevamamma pillow actually! It was Little Man’s. I didn’t even think of it. It’s sitting unused out in the cot in the other room.

  3. You’re through the hard part & the real fun begins, those first smiles are wonderful :)

  4. Congratulations on the feeding, so glad it’s going well. Fascinating to read about your soother experience. I am having exact same issues with my little one. Am trying to introduce it to get out of feeding him to sleep. But he won’t take it at all. Have tried several brands to no avail, but maybe you might want to try this?
    Jenny recently posted..Dummying upMy Profile

    • We’ve tried a couple of brands as well. I think it’s the plastic in general that she doesn’t like.

  5. Lovely reading about your little one Lisa, we’re on a similar timeline with our pudding, eight weeks on Wednesday! The first smiles are so beautiful, payback for the long hours :) delighted she has a stretch for you at night and Feeding’s going so well, long may it last x

    • Definitely April! I love the first smiles too. Hope your little one is doing well.

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