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Posted by on Feb 9, 2011 in Love | 12 comments

Run run as fast as you can!

Run run as fast as you can!

Run run as fast as you can,
You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread man

Little Man loves this line from the story of The Gingerbread Man. He gets very excited when I read it, smiling and clapping. But I think he’s taken the instruction to heart. Walking is for babies it seems. Little Man likes to run. These days, even if I’m just moving from one room to the next and asking him to come with me, he’ll wait to give me a head start so that he can run to catch up. “Why walk when you can run?” seems to be his new motto.

Unfortunately, sometimes his little legs aren’t quite up to the challenge. Or his silly feet get tangled up in each other, and down he goes. This weekend alone he had two big falls. The first was face-first onto the ground, resulting in a big red circle on his forehead and lots of screams. Thirty seconds later he had forgotten all about it though, and was ready to go again. The second big fall happened on Monday. I stupidly uttered the words “I’m going to…catch you!” – and off he took. He made it about two steps before he went head first down onto the floor, this time catching his head on the door frame.

I got such a fright when I picked him up – he had a big white line across his forehead. Slowly over the course of the day it turned purple, so now he has a lovely purple line to go with the fading yellow circle of the first bruise. A few more falls and his face will resemble a piece of abstract artwork!

Thankfully there have been no major injuries from any of these falls. (Touch wood!!) He continuously amazes me how quickly he recovers. Usually it takes me much longer! No matter how upset he seems in the immediate aftermath of the fall, five minutes later he’s right as rain.

The picture of misery: What a bump!


  1. Oh the poor lil fella.The sad little face is enough to melt your heart. At least there wasn’t any major damage done. There will be plenty more falls and bumps to come unfortunetly!

    • I know Adrienne! I’m tempted to just put a helmet on him in the mornings to protect his poor head!

  2. Aw! Poor little man! Those sad eyes would break your heart!!

  3. Oh, what a photograph! I nearly can feel his pain! And the only person is learning is………….. his mom! The little once are will run and climb and fall again and again!

  4. Oh no, the saddest little face in the world 🙁

    • Ouch looks like that hurt. Running never gets old!!! Kate still runs everywhere thankfully the bruises have lessened.

  5. Oh! This sad little face must break your heart! It’s amazing how quickly they recover though… Especially with a little kiss or a cuddle (which probably heals us as much as them)!

  6. Two seconds after that photo was taken, while I was busy sending it to Charlie to say “Oh my god! Look at his head – what should I do, should I take him to the doctor?”, Little Man was already running around again, bump forgotten. An hour later you could barely see where it was, except for the purple line.

  7. Oh dear, what I am going to have deal with when little lady starts walking! She already fell over on her head twice last weekend, and that was only while trying to get down from a standing position!

    • That’s just the start of it I’m afraid Jennifer!

  8. He would be nothing to his mother if he did not get a bruise a day from running around.
    You were the very same when you were small.

  9. I’m still the same!

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