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Posted by on Feb 17, 2013 in Pregnancy | 2 comments

Pregnancy: Week 31

Pregnancy: Week 31

Oops – I’ve really fallen behind with these updates. As I write this post, I am currently 34 weeks pregnant, and in just a few days I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant. Definitely some catching up to do!! But as you’ll see when you read on, I did have a good excuse for not feeling much like blogging at 31 weeks.

Note to self – catching gastroenteritis when 31 weeks pregnant is not a good idea. Don’t do it again.

Charlie was sick for a day or two earlier in the week but we put it down to food poisoning because two days passed and Little Man and I seemed to avoid it. The weekend rolled around, and I was looking forward to a long-planned night out. You can see where this is going.

By lunchtime I was feeling a little nauseous. “All in your head” I tried to convince myself. But I took a little trip to the local pharmacy just in case, to ask if there was anything I needed to watch for if I should get sick.

By 3pm, I was hunched over the toilet and Charlie was on the phone to our friends and our babysitter canceling our night out. A stomach bug is never pleasant, but this one really took it out of me. Must be because of the pregnancy. I was wiped out.

The pharmacist had warned me that it was vital I keep hydrated or I was risking early labour. It was a number of hours before I could keep any fluids down however.

At 1am, as I tossed and turned, trying to ease the growing pain across my back, Charlie asked me was I sure I wasn’t in early labour, because my behaviour was the same as it had been the night I went into labour on Little Man. “Of course I’m not in labour,” I reassured him. But I wasn’t feeling so assured myself. Finally, I managed to keep some water down, and doze a little. By the next morning, I was feeling semi-human, and I ate a little breakfast.

Immediately, I was queasy again, so I waited a few hours and sipped on hot Ribena, which was the only thing I could easily stomach for some reason. Maybe it’s the childhood placebo effect still in place? Who knows? It seemed to work though, and by Sunday evening, I was able to attempt some dinner. Phew, stomach bug gone, and baby still in place!

Being sick really took it out of me though. Although I was well enough to go to work on Monday, I was really wiped out for the week. It was several days before I could eat properly again. And my energy levels were destroyed. Early to bed for me all week, and I still felt exhausted!

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  1. Oh poor you Lisa! You got a terrible dose. Illness is so much harder when you’re pregnant and there’s none of the usual comforts to fall back on. You should have given yourself another couple of days of R&R. Glad your feeling better now xx
    Mind the Baby recently posted..A mother blessing for my blogger mama friendsMy Profile

    • If I’d had a few days holidays left, and if we weren’t so busy at work, I think I would have taken a couple of days break alright. Would definitely have helped. But unfortunately I’ve used my entire quota of holidays taking one day off a fortnight between now and the beginning of my maternity leave, since my parental leave ran out.

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