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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Pregnancy | 7 comments

Pregnancy: Week 23

Pregnancy: Week 23

Keen to remedy the pelvic pain that has been plaguing me the past few weeks, I borrowed a birthing ball from a friend of mine (since my one seems to have gone walkabout in the attic) and I’ve been using it every day since. I just sit on it for 20 minutes or so each evening, and bounce or rock on it. It really eases the aches and pains.

I’ve also been really careful to sleep on my left side and I’m now sleeping with a pillow between my knees every night. When I’m getting in and out of bed, I am careful to move my legs together. Likewise for getting in and out of the car. All recommended of course, and I know I followed the recommendations religiously last time…but this time I’ve been a little lax, and I guess I’ve been paying the price.

I don’t know if it was coincidence or the result of all these changes, but after a day or two baby moved. At my scan last week, she was in a footling breech position, so any movement I was feeling was very low down. But now she seems to have done a full rotation and is in prime position to kick me in the ribs. Nice.

I noticed an immediate difference in the pelvic pain and pressure I was feeling. It just disappeared overnight. Phew! I don’t miss it. I’m afraid to change anything I’m doing in case it comes back!

It’s ages since I included a bump pic. Here’s one I took at 22 weeks and 6 days.


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  1. Glad you got that sorted, when you have a pelvic pain it is all you can think about! You look super cute 🙂

  2. Glad the ball has helped relax the aches and pains

  3. You look like an ad. for everything pregnancy, you look fantastic. Pelvic pain is a pain, glad you worked through it.

  4. I had SPD on my last pregnancy and it was horrible, couldnt walk or stand longer than 5 mins without being in bad pain. Physio in teh hospital helped, they gave good exercises. You are so neat by the way x
    Glitter Mama recently posted..The gorgeous new Lottie DollMy Profile

    • A couple of girls from my yoga class have SPD and it sounds horrendous. Thankfully I am feeling a lot better already because I definitely didn’t want that!

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