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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Pregnancy | 12 comments

Pregnancy: Week 18

Pregnancy: Week 18

I’m at that awkward stage in pregnancy where I don’t have a proper bump yet but if I try to wear normal clothes I look like I’ve been at the biscuit tin a bit too often recently! Luckily I kept my maternity clothes from last time around, and a few of my friends have passed on their old maternity jeans so I have no shortage of comfy jeans with elasticated waists! In fact I’ve been living in them since I was 11 weeks pregnant.

Maternity tops are a different story though. Little Man was born in October, so I had a bump at the complete opposite end of the year to this time around. I do have lots of nice maternity tops that I kept from last time – but they are mainly short-sleeved, light summer wear.

So I decided this week that I’d treat myself to one or two nice new maternity tops – or better still day dresses – to get me through the next few months. I decided that somewhere like Dundrum Town Centre would be ideal with its range of stores – I’d surely find something. Wrong!

What has happened in the past four years? I thought there was a baby boom on? Store after store, it was the same thing. Marks and Spencer’s don’t carry a maternity line any more. Next have relegated their entire maternity selection to a single rail hidden away at the back of the men’s department! Mamas and Papas is a small store in Dundrum that doesn’t stock their full range.

After 90 frustrating minutes with nothing to show for my efforts, I gave up. I’ve since tried the Pavilions in Swords, which is where I bought most of my maternity wear last time, only to be told in Next there that they no longer keep a range in store, but they could order anything I wanted from their catalog for me. Not exactly what I wanted – after all I could just order if online myself. So I think that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve already been looking at but I haven’t ordered anything yet. Any suggestions for other sites to try would be very welcome! As would suggestions for a few bricks and mortar stores in Dublin that still stock maternity wear.

At least Halloween costumes come in one size fits all!


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  1. Seems to be a problem everywhere so, I’ve had the same problem getting maternity clothes in Vancouver. The tiny section in H&M got me through it, since I walk past it every day I could check what they have regularly.

    • Yeah seems to be a trend everywhere Julie. I think I’ll just have to order online. 🙂

  2. I was going to suggest H&M as well – I remember picking up a few things there in Dundrum last time I was pregnant. (Admittedly, four years ago now.) Would Next in town have some stuff in the store? I have to admit the selection in the US is pretty extensive, so I was lucky to be here for that.
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    • By the time I got to H&M on my day shopping in dundrum I was so annoyed with the whole situation that I just took a quick look around and then when I didn’t see an obvious section I left without asking anyone because I had no energy left. I might try H&M in town though when I’m in there next.

  3. The H&M maternity wear is in the kids shop on the third floor in Dundrum – not naturally the first place you’d think of! They’ve great, affordable stuff though. I always found Gap to be great. I signed up for their e-alerts – they have 30% off sales nearly every 2nd week and their mat range always seems to be discounted further.

    For online, I got great deals on ASOS, and Isabella Oliver. The Isabella Oliver stuff looks outrageously expensive but again if you sign up for their e-alerts they have these random 70% off sales every few weeks and you can pick up some real bargains.
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  4. Dorothy perkins normally have some nice tunic styles in the maternity range esp this time of year,red herring in debenhams ,I lived in few bits I got THERE, also mother care also mamas and papas stores normally have a nice few bits.Online does seem the best option though.

  5. I was the same as you – two different times of the year. I found new look great for tops & dresses, debenhams has a few good things & baby bump in millfield good too. A friend of mine got gorgeous clothes online from

  6. Totally my experience here in UK too. Even large shops no longer stock maternity ranges it seems, instead expecting you to do all your purchasing on line. But if I’m going to pay full price for something I like to browse and see it properly. I also live a good sale rail and last time around bought most of my maternity gear in person at sales. My response has been to get most of my maternity stuff from eBay, so the shops are the ones missing out for not keeping anything in store anymore.

  7. posted me out a catalogue during the week. Their maternity stuff looks nice – I didn’t buy any myself, but I did get a couple of their breast-feeding tops and they were good quality and very comfy. H&M off Grafton Street has a good maternity wear section – it’s downstairs in the kids section near the cash registers. I saw it there last week when I was buying some stuff for little missy.

  8. I have no useful suggestions for you but just wanted to say Wow! You look amazing and I love that picture of your family.

  9. Yes – exact same issue as you ladies that i said to hubbie I would have to set up a business for maternity wear!! Best of luck to you all – im due end of june.

    • It’s so frustrating isn’t it Grace, trying to find decent maternity clothes. I found h&m the best in the end.

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