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Pregnancy: Week 17

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On a whim at the end of this week, I contacted my old pregnancy yoga instructor to ask about classes and was delighted to find out she currently has a set in progress. So I went along last night to join in. I felt a real sense of déjà-vu while I was there. But I really enjoyed it. The instructor, Maria, is fantastic. She really sets everyone at ease and gives us all a chance to talk about where we are in the pregnancy and how we’re feeling during the intro to the class. Then she takes us through some great breath work (very important – I used the breathing techniques she taught me throughout labour last time), stretches, and pelvic floor exercises. And finally we do a relaxation exercise – at which point I dozed off a little! A nice way to round out week 17!

Find my complete pregnancy journal here.


  1. The headache might have been caused by dehydration. I find drinking a pint of water helps to relieve a headache.

    • Yeah that was my first thought too, but it didn’t work. I think it was a combination of tiredness and pregnancy. Thankfully it passed. :)

  2. I remember the snooze at the end of Maria’s class as one of the things I was looking forward to :-)

    • I appreciate it even more this time around – it’s not often you get to take a quick catnap when there’s a toddler around. :)

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