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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Pregnancy | 4 comments

Pregnancy: Week 16

Pregnancy: Week 16

I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago when I was sixteen weeks pregnant, and starting to feel quite large!

16 weeks. Well that flew by. I had a GP appointment today for a checkup, because it’s been four weeks since my hospital visit.

I really feel like I’m not in the pregnancy zone at all this time around. Other than writing these posts and when someone asks me how it’s going, I don’t give it much thought. Now and again I feel a little flutter and think “Oh that’s right – there’s a baby in there!” No kicks yet to serve as a constant reminder. 🙂

So I went along to the doctor’s appointment and never remembered for a second the urine sample that I was supposed to bring. Thankfully one of the lovely side effects of pregnancy is that I can pee on demand so it wasn’t really a problem.

All is good with the baby. We got to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler. And the doctor measured my bump and pronounced me to be huge. Ok, so no, those weren’t his exact words. He said my fundal measurement was the far range of normal. That’s doctor-speak for “your bump is big”!

Of course a growth spurt for baby last week might explain why I was so wiped out. And I’m definitely feeling less tired this week. Almost normal. 🙂

Find my complete pregnancy journal here.



  1. Look at your teeny-weeny coochie-coo bump! Certainly doesn’t look huge from here.
    Maud recently posted..The long long weekendMy Profile

    • I dunno. It’s bigger than it was at the same stage last time around. However that being said, it’s two weeks now since I took that picture and it hasn’t changed at all. I’ve another appointment next week and I’m expecting to be told I’m measuring smaller than normal. I definitely think I grow babies who grow in serious spurts. It’s all or nothing with them.

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