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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Pregnancy |

Pregnancy: Week 15

Pregnancy: Week 15

I wrote this post in early October when I was fifteen weeks pregnant, and feeling very emotional! Now that I’ve made the official announcement, I’m finally publishing and sharing it.

This week has been a strange one. There’s a lot going on with people close to me. Mostly worrying health issues. I’m a worrier by nature, but pregnancy hormones just seem to intensify the emotions related to that worry.

20121025-193354.jpgIt’s actually amazing the effect that your hormones have on you (or on me!) during pregnancy. I laugh now when I look back on a particular incident that happened around half way through my pregnancy with Little Man. Picture the scene. We were getting dinner ready. Charlie was plating it up. Nothing special – just some chilli and potatoes. I asked Charlie to put my chilli beside my potatoes, rather than over them. He ignored my request and poured the chilli all over my potatoes.

I broke down. Sobbed and sobbed and sobbed for close to an hour. Until I realised that I was crying my eyes out over the location of chilli on my plate. Oh dear.

So with that experience under my belt, I felt I was prepared for the hormonal emotional state that is pregnancy this time around. But no. The tears still manage to catch me unawares. I have to be careful what I listen to on the radio when I’m driving, because any stories involving children getting hurt, or God forbid killed, are guaranteed to to reduce me to a blubbering mess. And I’ve completely given up on anything other than mindless comedies on TV for the moment!

Other than the occasional bout of tears, I’m actually feeling great this week. No sickness, very little tiredness. Just normal really. I’m determined to enjoy this stage, because I know I’ll spend long enough in the coming months feeling really really pregnant!

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*Image source: GetHiroshima on Flickr

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