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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Pregnancy |

Pregnancy: Week 13

Pregnancy: Week 13

I wrote this post in late September when I was thirteen weeks pregnant, and finally seeing my way out of the haze of tiredness. Now that I’ve made the official announcement, I’m finally publishing and sharing it.

I’m feeling so much better this week. The haze is slowly, slowly lifting. It’s such a relief to be coming out the other side of the tiredness.

Of course, the joy of pregnancy is that as soon as one symptom starts to lift, another one raises its head. Last week’s sneezing has been replaced by stuffy sinuses. My whole head feels bunged up. I remember this happening around the same stage when I was pregnant on Little Man. On Little Man, it was accompanied by dizzy spells for a week or two, but thankfully I seem to be avoiding those this time around.

Feeling a bit rounder in the belly this week. If you know I’m pregnant, I think you’d notice the little bump. And if you don’t know, I think you’d probably have a strong suspicion. Actually, according to the girls at work, I was raising suspicions for a few weeks! At least now, I don’t have to try to hide it.

Not much else to report this week. I’ve been distracted by work and family, and the pregnancy is just ticking along by itself!

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