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Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Love | 4 comments

One down, 19 to go

One down, 19 to go

Two days shy of 17 months old, we have our first tooth. Not a front tooth of course, that would be too easy. A top back tooth. Since the day she was born, I’ve known this one likes this do things her own way. Cutting teeth is no exception.

We’re delighted all that teething has finally amounted to something. At this rate I am quietly confident she will have a full mouthful of teeth before heading off to university.

Poor baby has been suffering all day though. Her temperature keeps going up and her cheeks are on fire. Still, we won’t complain. At least this time we can definitively say “she’s teething”. Now who had money on “she’ll get them all at once?” 🙂


  1. Love her gummy smile but looking forward to seeing her with teeth

    • One month on and she has six of them now!

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