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Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Write | 1 comment

Nothing’s ever straightforward!

Nothing’s ever straightforward!

I have nothing to blame but my own impatience. I should have waited until this weekend to transfer the domain name for to my new webhost. But I didn’t – and now we are encountering a few “teething issues”!

So my apologies for any inconsistencies in the site in the next few days. I have a feeling it will be Saturday before I get any real time to sit down and spend a few hours getting it back in order.

I’m afraid the main navigation links are proving to be a bit temperamental, and I’m still not having much luck retrieving my featured images for the home page. I’m having to face the reality that restoring them may well be a manual process!

Thanks for your patience while we work this out this week!

1 Comment

  1. Right, main navigation links are fixed. Thumbnails are fixed. Sidebar is a work in progress.

    That’s enough for one night methinks! 🙂

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