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Posted by on Nov 25, 2010 in Love |

MMR time?

MMR time?

Little Man is now almost two months overdue his MMR. He was sick around the time of his first birthday when he was due to get it, so the doctor said we’d need to postpone it until he got better. And there have been times when he has been better since, but those times haven’t lasted very long unfortunately. I’d like him to be well for at least a week before we take him for the vaccine. And so far, we haven’t had a full week when he has been well. If it’s not a runny nose from the creche, it’s teething, and a temperature and a cough. The poor little guy seems to be no sooner over one thing that something else is going in the creche, and of course they all catch what the others have.

Friends had warned me that he would be sick for the first couple of months after starting the creche until his immune system builds up, but I don’t think I was prepared for quite how often he’d get sick. So far, in the past three months, we’ve had two counts of conjunctivitis, two viral rashes, one soaring temperature, and numerous runny noses. And his cough has lasted for about a week with each new tooth. We’ve had six new teeth (if I count the three that are currently surfacing and disappearing again). So that’s a lot of coughing!

This week he seems to be very well. So I’m wondering if we should get the MMR for him this weekend. But I must admit that the thoughts of a reaction just freaks me out. Even the normal “out-of-sorts” reaction that most kids seem to get in response to it. I’d just like a couple of weeks where we are all healthy and well, and I don’t have to worry about whether or not we have enough Calpol or Neurofen in the house!

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