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Posted by on Mar 24, 2013 in Love | 8 comments

Keeping busy

Keeping busy

Last August, while trying to distract myself from those early pregnancy fears, I started a new cross stitch project. In the intervening months, I’ve worked on it at various stages.

Cross stitch is more time consuming than you’d imagine though, and between work and life getting in the way, my progress has been painfully slow.

This week, however, while I wait (impatiently now) for something to happen, I’ve been happy to spend hours working on my project, and tonight I sewed the final bead in place. Now all that’s left is to assemble it – but I think that given the week that’s in it, I’ll wait until this little one arrives and embroider her name and date of birth on the back of it, so it can become her first decoration on our family Christmas tree this year. Surely I’ll get that done between now and December! 🙂



    • Before Little Man was born I started two knitting projects – a jumper and a cardigan. He arrived so unexpectedly early that neither of them got finished on time. My mother sewed the jumper together for me recently, so I plan to put the finishing touches to the cardigan tomorrow, and then I guess I’ll have to look for a new project!

  1. That’s a lovely idea, Good Luck with the birth of your baby

  2. That is so beautiful, Lisa! And your idea of stitching her name and date is so qute!

  3. Great idea Lisa. Looking forward to meeting our Easter Bunny.

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