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Posted by on Jan 14, 2011 in Play |

Journey into The Night Garden

Journey into The Night Garden

Tombliboo Trousers on the Ninky Nonk!

I don’t let Little Man watch tv, so up to now, when other parents talk about Peppa Pig and Barney and whatever other kiddies programmes their little ones are watching, the conversation has gone over my head.

Sometime during the year, my wonderful sister-in-law, who has two little girls of her own and is much more clued in to these things than me, gave Little Man a present of an In The Night Garden book. At the time, I read it to him once and thought it was total gibberish. I put it up on the bookshelf and forgot all about it.

Shortly before Christmas, Little Man discovered the book on the shelf and brought it over to me to read. I was amazed – he sat through the whole story, something he never does! He usually loses interest after a couple of pages. As soon as I finished, he took the book from me and clamboured down from the couch. Then he walked over to his Daddy and handed the book to him to read. It seems the story of how the Tombliboos lost their trousers on the Ninky Nonk is absolutely fascinating to him! Since then, I have lost count of how many times I’ve read about the Tombliboos and their misfortunate trousers.

We’ve bought a few more In the Night Garden books since, and no matter how nonsensical they sound to me, I must admit he loves them.

And of course, I was very glad of his newfound obsession with In the Night Garden when I was able to use it to entertain him and pass the time, while we waited for his Daddy to come home and rescue him earlier this week!

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