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Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in Love | 10 comments

It’s Groundhog Day around here

It’s Groundhog Day around here

I have a whole new sense of appreciation for what Bill Murray’s character went through in Groundhog Day. We’ve taken to calling the baby Gums, short for Gums of Steel, because at close to sixteen months there still isn’t a tooth in her head.

But the teething is incessant lately. I collect her from crèche and they say that she has been a little off form. Her cheeks are red and she’s drooling. Maybe she’s teething. We all laugh. One of these days we’ll be right we joke.

And the truth is that she is teething. But right now she’s in that cycle where it’s all pain, no gain.

I tell a lie. Back in May, there was great excitement when a slit appeared in her gum and the faintest whisper of a bottom tooth showed through. But by the following day, it had healed over. All that work for nothing.

Each morning, she wakes with a smile. The red cheeks and woe of the previous night vanished without a trace. A quick peek in her mouth confirms she’s still toothless. You can see why as we’re approaching August and our fourth month of this I’m feeling like it’s Groundhog Day.

We’ve even adopted some of Bill’s characters tactics. We try something, and if it works we add it to the routine for the following day. Frozen Frubes have proven a great success for cooling red gums. They stay. Glasses of cow’s milk before bed seem to aggravate the teething cough, but nursing to sleep doesn’t. Bonjela offered by Mammy – no thank you. But from Daddy yes please.

I’m a total sceptic when it comes to amber teething necklaces but they’re starting to look tempting. I just have to ask myself, what would Bill Murray do?


  1. We’re only at the starting stages of the teething but got an amber anklet last week. Wasn’t sure if he was just gently getting teething or not until the damn thing fell off earlier today and my gently whining baby who chewed and drooled on everything turned into a hysterical angry being who takes forever to soothe. Must find it again! Hope things improve in your house!
    Lisa recently posted..Another Week, another happy story.My Profile

    • Me too Lisa! Last night was a bust anyway. She was unsettled all night. Hopefully tonight will be better.

  2. For the front teeth, wet one corner of a facecloth & freeze. Keeping a supply in the freezer always helped to soothe sore gums, they’re hard & cold, perfect for chewing. I’d usually dampen to soften slightly when I took them out of the freezer.

    Unfortunately these do not work as well when you get to the molars but I don’t think you need to worry about that for a while 😉

  3. I used the Amber necklace and found it great. Hardly a peep out of her for weeks and then we left it off after a bath by accident and she was screaming all over again.
    Laura@raisingelves recently posted..Dublin City for families Summer 2014My Profile

    • I think it’s the idea of something around her neck that scares me.

      • Yeah that’s what turned me too them aswell Lisa, especially when sleeping.

        • turned me off them!!!

  4. Only catching up on this post now. I didn’t like using the amber necklace as it looked uncomfortable, and I wouldn’t be happy leaving it overnight. But you can get an amber braclet/anklet, or just wrap a necklace a couple of times around the baby/toddler’s ankle and make sure there’s a sock/sleep suit at night to prevent removal. We started using one around 4 months and it seemed to stop all the drooling. Haven’t taken it off much since and he generally ignores it.
    Sheila recently posted..26 degrees – a love/hate relationship with the sunMy Profile

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