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Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 in Life | 7 comments

He’s my big brother

He’s my big brother

The transition from only child to the new role of big brother has the potential to be a difficult one. Certainly before my daughter was born, I worried a lot about the impact her arrival would have on my son.

And the truth is that for the first few months, although he was proud as punch to show off his baby sister to anyone and everyone, there really wasn’t much benefit to him when it came to this new sibling.

Months and years don’t mean much in terms of measurements when you’re four, so I tried to give him something to look for so he’d know his sister was getting bigger and stronger. “She won’t be big enough to play with you until she has teeth,” I warned him. Of course I was expecting the first teeth to appear a bit sooner. Right now she’s heading for 15 months and is still toothless.

But gummy smile and all, she’s learning to play with her big brother. Whatever he’s doing, she wants to join in. And he’s learning to tailor his games to include her. Week after week, they grow closer, and it turns out my worry was unfounded because our son hasn’t just gained a sibling, he’s gained a friend.


  1. It really is one of the most wonderful things, watching your kids interact. My son was always the first to get a smile, and then a laugh, out of his baby sister, and when they started to have conversations it was the cutest thing in the world. I still love to watch them have a real conversation or figure something out together. (Which makes up somewhat for all the times they’re just bugging each other or resorting to violence…)

    • Yeah I guess we have all that to come! 🙂

  2. If you had said she’d have been ages waiting for her teeth she’d have had a full set by 6 months!!!! It’s so great that your son can work things out so his little sister can be included, he’s a wonderful big brother/friend. It really looks like she idolises him in the photo.

    • You’re right Joanna. At this rate she’ll be starting school before she has them all!!

  3. They sure do look to have fun together now 🙂

    • They do Julie. I’d say it will only get better as she learns to talk.

  4. My children caring for each other and playing together still gives me my biggest thrill.
    Yesterday my eldest, who is earning, gave my youngest €5 on the qt, for credit. They shared a conspiratorial wink thinking I couldn’t see them. She might as well have given her a million pounds. It was lovely to see.
    Lovely post. I think it is the time our children spend together in childhood that bonds them for life.
    tric recently posted..The end of an era.My Profile

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