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Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in Life |

Got a new halogen oven: now what?

Our oven broke. What was that I was saying about this house of straw? Anyway the electrician took a look at it tonight and although he managed to get the hob working for us (yay!), no joy with the oven.

To tide us over while we figure out whether the oven can be repaired or we need a new one, we’ve picked up a shiny new halogen oven. In case you haven’t heard of a halogen oven, it’s the latest must have appliance for all kitchens. And as with all shiny new must have appliances, we now have one!

Which is great…and it is lovely and shiny. And so far I’ve discovered that when you turn it on it has a lovely light which makes it even shinier. But I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do with it. I’ve never cooked using a halogen oven before. And we bought it as an impulse response to our oven breaking so I haven’t done my usual Internet research on this one. So I’m hoping dear reader that you might have a few ideas for me? Anyone out there cooked with one of these before? Any idea what works best in it? Not to worry if you don’t. Check back soon and I’ll post an update on my halogen oven experiments over the coming weeks!

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