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    • I am shocked at how much of a difference it has made Emily. The crack is still really noticeable. I’d say it will take a couple of weeks to heal fully because it was so deep. But the pain is gone and that makes all the difference.

  1. That’s brilliant Lisa, sounds like things are going well now with your gorgeous Little Woman :)

  2. Wonderful news. So happy feeding is getting better and your poor boobs are too. My little one seems to do the one day sleepy, one day not pattern too. It is rather odd so glad to hear it’s not just us!
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    • I think I jinxed us by saying that she has a sleepy day after her wakeful days! We’re on our third wakeful day in a row here. Of course maybe we’ll get three sleepy days in a row next!

  3. I feel a little jealous of Little Woman…Imagine if you could eat loads one day and then sleep loads the next…Only joking! Can’t believe she’s a month old already and really glad that the cream worked, Lisa.

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