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Posted by on Jun 17, 2011 in Life | 4 comments

Five Friday Feelings!

Five Friday Feelings!

Every so often, I like to remind myself to be grateful for the good things in life – and what better day to do that than on a Friday, when you’re finished work for the week, and facing into the weekend. So here are five things that gave me that Friday Feeling today.

1. Our sunflower is getting taller and taller
When I went out into the garden this evening, I spotted that our sunflower has clearly enjoyed the rain today far more than I did, because it is growing rapidly. Hasn’t it come on since we first planted it (a month ago today actually!)?

Higher and higher

2. Little Man is asleep since 7.15pm
I’m sure you could argue that the appropriate picture to illustrate this one is a photo of my sleeping baby. Ha! If you think I’m going to risk waking him my taking a photo…well you obviously haven’t read a single thing I’ve written about my obsession with sleep!! No, this lovely photo of the baby monitor will have to do you instead!


3. My sink is shining!
FlyLady would be proud of us. No matter what my thoughts may be on her email clutter, credit where credit is due – she is on to something with that “First shine your sink” motto. There is something about a clean kitchen and a shiny sink as you face into the weekend… I don’t know what it is, but my ability to relax increases tenfold when the house is clean, the sink is shining and I know I won’t be waking up to a messy kitchen in the morning.


4. A cool glass of white wine to share with my husband
Charlie and I are settling in for the evening with a lovely glass of white wine each. Ah bliss!


5. Good news from a dear friend
This isn’t my news to share, so there’s no photo and no real detail here I’m afraid folks. But suffice it to say that a very good friend of mine got some news today that made us all shed a few tears of relief. And for this I am the most grateful of all today.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you find your own Five Friday Feelings this evening!


  1. Thanks Lisa xxx am here with my little fella in my arms so grateful that I will be here to watch him and his big sistet grow up please god. (I seem to have found my faith again)

  2. I can understand that Laura. I said a few prayers for you myself this week. Give that little fella and his big sister a big cuddle from me!

  3. Really good to read you are using the flylady and finding it helpful. I started getting the emails a few months back and can see how good it is in theory. But can’t seem to build up the right habits despite just starting with babysteps. Am clearly too lazy. Your lovely clean sink has inspired me to give it another go….

  4. A clean kitchen is a great start to the weekend but sharing a glass of wine with hubby is even better. Enjoy and delighted with your friends good news.

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