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Posted by on Mar 5, 2012 in Life, Sleep | 3 comments

Eskimo Kids – who knew?

Eskimo Kids – who knew?


At book club last month, one of my fellow mammies was telling me all about a fish oil supplement that she had started giving her daughter, which she was very impressed with. She claimed that since starting the supplement she had seen an improvement in her daughter’s sleep patterns and overall mood. I was a little sceptical, and wondered if this Eskimo Kids product she was extolling the virtues of was more snake oil than fish oil.

Still though, I was intrigued. Especially because our whole family has been so prone to picking up bugs this winter. I think our immune systems are still run down since our bout with the ‘flu per-Christmas. Also, Little Man has been going through a really picky eating phase since then, and I have been worried that he’s not getting enough nutrition.

So I did a little internet research, and found quite a few reviews that seemed to back up the claims about this particular fish oil supplement. I decided it was worth trying to see if it made any difference to Little Man’s health in general. It took me a few weeks to find it – eventually I discovered that McCabe Pharmacies stock the range.

Last week I picked up a small bottle of Eskimo Kids (there’s an adult version too). The first spoonful was a disaster. Little Man spat it straight back out. Since then I’ve been mixing it with yogurt and he’s been taking it just fine.

I know it’s only been a week, and perhaps it is just coincidence, but I think it has made a serious difference. Little Man slept until 8am on Sunday. That NEVER happens. This little boy is generally wide awake and ready for the day at 6am, weekend or not! But not this weekend.

And outside of the sleep improvement, his mood just seems so much better. It’s hard to measure the difference, because of course we are still having the occasional toddler meltdown. But almost overnight, I have noticed a difference in his concentration levels, and his energy levels. (Perhaps that’s a side effect of the better sleep?) And to top it all off, his appetite is huge! This evening he had dinner, a banana, a pear, yogurt, crackers, milk, and all of this on top of two helpings of his evening meal in crèche today. This is the same child who usually seems to fill up on breakfast and then just graze for the rest of the day.

I can’t say for certain that the supplement is responsible for these changes this week, because just two weeks ago Little Man cut a new tooth, so of course that could have been affecting his sleep, mood, and appetite in the weeks beforehand. Still though, I’ll be going back for another bottle when this one runs out! And I might just pick up the adult version as well. Thanks Louise for the tip!


I received no compensation for writing this review and my opinions are entirely my own. It goes without saying that I am simply reporting my own experiences with this supplement, and that should not be construed as medical advice of any kind!


  1. Do you still think this works?

    • Hi Emma,

      We used two bottles of it, which I guess lasted about 6-8 weeks, and by the end of that time, there was such an improvement in sleep and mood (for all of us – I was taking the adult version) that we were quite happy with true results. I generally tend to take supplements a few times a year rather than all year around so that’s what we’re doing with this too. Will probably start it up again coming in to the winter.

      • Thanks Lisa – gonna buy a bottle and see how we go. Lima Bean turns one next week and starts creche then so if I can ward off some of the sniffles and sneezes and get a decent nights sleep out of him happy days

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