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Enough of this crack!

Enough of this crack!

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Several feeds later, as well as suspecting we’re in the middle of a growth spurt, I’m pleased to note that the angry red and purple colour seems to be subsiding within the crack, and it’s taking on a healthier looking pink colour instead.

Please please please let this mean that APNO is indeed the miracle cure people make it out to be and that I’m finally on the road to recovery here!! I’m feeling hopeful!


  1. Oh Lisa, that’s fantastic. I’ve heard only wonderful things about that cream. I hope it heals it perfectly. You are doing just wonderfully xxx

    • Thanks Emily. I hope so too! I’m fairly confident it will because it’s only ten days ago that feeding on both sides was sore and now my left side is perfect. If this crack heals I’m sure the right side will be perfect too.

    • Well I’m pleased to report that I noticed a huge improvement for the middle of the night feed! Can’t believe there is such a difference already. It’s been less than 12 hours.

  2. You’ve done so well to fight through and keep going Lisa. Hopefully pain free feeds are finally in sight :)

  3. Oh Lisa, you’re a trooper! I felt so sorry for you when you said that the doctor said you’d have to see him to get the prescription but it seems like it was a really positive experience. I hope the cream does what it’s meant to and that crack will only be remembered in this blog post!!!!

    • He wanted me to try other options first. But I explained that I had tried the lanolin, multimam compresses, breast milk and air drying… So once he heard that he was happy to try this cream. He wasn’t sure it would work because the cut isn’t infected. But the chemist told me she thought the steroid would speed the healing. Seems she was right. There is a huge difference this morning.

  4. Fingers crossed you are right! Well done for sticking with it and here’s hoping the miracle cream does the business.
    Jenny recently posted..Bad piggies cartMy Profile

    • It’s just over 24 hours later Jenny and I can already see – and more importantly feel – a huge improvement. I think because the crack was gone so wide it will take time to heal. But we’ll get there!

  5. Lisa, you’re doing great! I hope you still breastfeeding and its just a pleasure for both you now. I have to said that, because I had similar fighting with my both sons – with the first one I tried 6 weeks and than gave up, with a second I failed just after leaving the hospital…I have big respect to everyone who have difficulties and is able to continue breastfeeding – and stories like this may help another mummies:-)
    Anna recently posted..Its getting to be warmer :-)My Profile

    • Thanks Anna. Yes we made it through the hard part thankfully! I must write an update post. :) This week I’ve really felt that it has started to get easy. No more pain and just quick easy feeds. I’m delighted and so glad we stuck with it. I really think the lactation consultant helped me turn things around.

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