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Building a craft table

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The following day we both agreed that the table top was exactly as we wanted it. Time to stock the shelves…


Paints of course!

Another trip to IKEA was in order, this time to get the storage containers for the craft materials. As you can see from the photos, we went for a range of containers, from glass jars, to fabric drawers, to cardboard boxes.


I love these boxes!


But these jars are definitely my favourite!

(Incidentally, if you’re in the North Dublin area and interested in building a similar project, just send me an email and I’ll be happy to share his details with you.)



  1. Looks great and really organised :) What height is it, is it low enough for little man to reach the tabletop?

    • I think the finished table is about 34″ high. So he needs a stool or chair to really work at it. But if I’m really honest – this table is for me and Charlie! Little Man has a table and chair from IKEA that are just the right size for him.

    • Thanks Caitriona! To be fair, Wayne did the hard work. But I’m still very proud of that shiny varnish :)

  2. That looks really really good, well done on your craftiness. I’ll be leaving this out in front of yer man! When I decide to dig out my sewing machine again it’d be great… It’s great for the little fella, but yeah – it’ll suit your whole family for years.

    • Thanks Jill! I’m hoping the fact that it is so versatile in how it can be laid out means that it will be able to change to suit our needs over the years. Charlie has great plans for covering the underside of the table top in felt so that we can flip it over for board games when it’s not being used for arts and crafts.

  3. the moveable top is genius I tell you.

  4. Nice work! I’ve been thinking about re-hacking my original hack to make space for leg-room, so I can sew right on the table (rather than using a separate table). This is a great idea!

  5. Wow! Very impressed. Haven’t heard of Ikea Hackers before though…am I missing something?

  6. Love, love, love it.

  7. Wow! Amazing! It’s almost the project I plan to do. I saw here and there on the net about modifying the Expedit collection and before doing so, I’m calculating alot.

    I got 2 Expedit 2×4 at half price on last Black Friday! :0)

    I have some questions:

    – Cutting a 2×4 in the middle to get 2 2×2, will they be strong and stable enough to hold a MDF table top? (4’x6’x1″) The MDF material is very heavy…

    – Or should I put both Expedit 2×4 under the MDF table top?

    Thanks alot!

    • I can’t imagine the Expedit would be very stable if you cut it. We used two 2×2’s.

  8. How did you make the lip? Do you have a photo of it? Thanks!


  1. Why so quiet… | - [...] our craft table? It’s allowed me to rediscover the crafts I used to love, before finger painting and papier …

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