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Posted by on May 19, 2011 in Love, Play, Reviews | 2 comments

Book Review: Happy Baby board books

Book Review: Happy Baby board books

Last weekend, Little Man’s auntie gave him three new books as a present. His auntie was worried that he would be too old for them, because they are simple word books – but as it turns out they are perfect! His speech has been coming along in leaps and bounds for the past month or so, and he loves learning new words, and learning the names of things. (Seriously – we can easily spend 30 minutes pointing out his nose, his ears, his eyes…)

The books that Little Man received are three Happy Baby board books, published by Igloo Books Ltd. He got a 1 2 3 book, an On the Farm book, and a First Words book.

Each book contains about 20 pages, each with a photograph of a specific object, and two or three words of descriptive text with the photo. So we read the book, naming and talking about each object as we look at the pages.

And then, when we get to the end of the book, the inside cover at the back of the book shows all of the images, together with a single descriptor word. It’s here that we really have fun with these books. I ask Little Man “Can you find the tractor? Where’s the tractor?” and he points it out. Or if he’s not sure of the word, he points out several objects in a row until I say “Yes, that’s the tractor!” (I think I’m raising a little chancer – he seems to take the “fake it till you make it” approach! Perhaps we should steer him towards politics when he grows up…)


  1. They sound lovely! We’ve all sorts of that kind of point & chat kind of book, mostly bought/received far too early. But he can point out loads of animals & do sounds and gets excited when he sees a digger/tractor in our local park and I’m guessing he only knows those things from his “Trucks” touch n feel book he regularly pores over!

    One I bought recently which deals with colours and lots of actions is Where Is The Green Sheep? I got it last week, and he’s been home sick- swear we’ve read it 8-10 times every day!

    • I don’t know Jill – I’m beginning to think that little boys are born with an innate knowledge of trucks, cars, tractors, diggers, and trains… We don’t have a Trucks touch-n-feel book, and yet the sight of a digger on our way to crèche is enough to make him positively bounce with excitement.

      Just looked up “Where is the green sheep?” – it looks so cute. Thanks for the recommendation. That might be another one for our bookshelves. Anything to save me from “Where are the Pontipines?” – much as I’m a fan of In the Night Garden, there’s only so much of reading the same book over and over that I can take! 🙂

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