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Posted by on Feb 9, 2012 in Life | 1 comment

Blind as a bat

Blind as a bat

I’m just back from an eye test in Specsavers where I was told that I need new glasses. My eyesight has deteriorated slightly in my left eye and my current glasses are not a great look for me anyway – optician’s words not mine! I’m making it sound worse than it was – she was joking with me…I think.

She warned me that 12 hours a day spent staring at computer screens and iPad screens and iPhone screens is not good for my eyes. Who’d have thought, eh? 🙂

Good thing I didn’t tell her about all the blog posts I’ve written on my phone in the dark in the middle of the night!! I’m sure she would have loved that!

I don’t know what it is about eye tests. I realise that the purpose of the test is to assess my eyesight – but somehow I manage to forget that mid-way through the test.

“Which looks sharper – the green or the red?”

“Um…the green…no no…the red…?”

I realise what I’m doing of course, but I can’t help myself. I want to pass! I want to read all the letters on that chart and get an A+ and a gold star! (Yes, I was that annoying child waving my hand frantically in the air and yelling “Teacher, Teacher!!” when a question was asked in school! 🙂 )

Instead I’ll have to settle for a new prescription! Oh well…


1 Comment

  1. Oh god, all of the above! I also think that they think I’m lying -is it clearer with a or with b? Eh, a. Now which is clearer? Is it clearer or just bigger? Oh god, I don’t know, just please don’t ask me to do my spelling, I haven’t learnt them!!!
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