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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Life | 4 comments

A spoonful of honey

A spoonful of honey

Sore throats are all the rage in our house at the moment. Charlie was suffering last week, and just when I thought I’d escaped, I managed to catch it this weekend. Thankfully we discovered the benefits of a spoonful of honey to ease a sore throat a few years back, so we’ve been able to keep the worst of the symptoms at bay.

I think Little Man feels he’s missing out though.

“Mammy, I need some honey medicine,”
he announced this evening.

“Oh no!” I said, “Is your throat sore too?”

“Yes,” he said, nodding. “My throat is sore.”

“Open wide,” I said. But his throat looked fine. Worried he was catching whatever’s been plaguing us, I asked, “Is it very sore when you swallow pet?”

“No, no Mammy,” he says, “Only when I run! I have honey please?”

Thankfully we have several jars of our favourite Apitherapy honey in the cupboard at any time, so we can spare a spoonful of honey for a runaway throat!

Apitherapy Honey


  1. Ah yes, a sore throat when you run. A very common ailment.
    My DD used to get headaches in her legs!!!

    • Headaches in her feet! That’s so cute!

  2. A spoon full of honey is good for everything if you ask me ! Love those little white lies !

    • Me too! I especially love the sincerity with which those white lies are told!


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