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Posted by on Mar 3, 2011 in Life, Sleep | 4 comments

A definite design flaw!

A definite design flaw!

It’s teething season in our house again. Why is cutting teeth just so hard? I think I jinxed us last week when I noticed that Little Man had cut a new tooth with no fuss whatsoever. Such a difference to the first six teeth, each of which lost us a couple of weeks of sleep. Anyway, when I saw that new tooth last week, I was overjoyed. You see Little Man had cut that tooth in the middle of one of the best month’s of sleep we’ve ever had with him.

But all good things must come to an end, because it looks like that one tooth was just a fluke. Maybe it found a weak spot in his gum to break through! You see this week, he seems to be cutting one or two more teeth, and we’re back to sleepless nights. To be fair to him, Little Man is not actually waking, but he’s moaning and restless in his sleep, and it’s keeping us awake! And if I’m not getting sleep, then it counts as a sleepless night in my book!

Last night we resorted to Calpol at about 1am, and he slept fairly well for about four hours after we’d administered it. Tonight he starting crying in his sleep soon after we put him down, so we’ve given him Calpol already, and he seems to be sleeping more soundly now. Fingers crossed it lasts all night, because I’ve been getting used to our good nights of sleep and I’m not willing to give them up again without a fight! Poor Little Man – he’s not even half way there yet when it comes to cutting teeth.


  1. You are nearly there;) just think in 6-8 month it will all be over and you will be getting full nights all the time with the exception of potty training and the odd sick night. Sure then u forget how hard it was and next thing u know u will only have 4 weeks left before no 2 arrives….

  2. Oh we are there too : ( so tough going!

  3. Teething is definitely not fun. We have 3 1/2 teeth and it only just hit me that we have A LOT more to go!

    I’ve only used Calpol so far with Nate, but my MIL (a midwife and PHN) said we should get some Nurofen suppositories to have on hand in case Nate ever has a very bad night or a high temperature. They are much faster acting than liquid meds, so particularly good for temps.

    You can also alternate between Calpol (paracetamol) and Nurofen (ibuprofen) if his pain is really bad and the Calpol doesn’t seem to help, but look up exactly what spacing you should use…I don’t want to be responsible for medical advice!

    Good luck with the teething and sleepless nights!

    • Teething has always been particularly hard on Little Man, so I’m afraid we’ve long been familiar with how to use Neurofen and Calpol together! Thanks for the tip though. Both of them are on our list of things to keep in the medicine cabinet:

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