App Review: First Words Feelings

Without a doubt, one of the best toddler apps that we have is First Words Deluxe. So I was delighted last week to receive a copy of First Words Feelings for review from Learning Touch. The First Words apps have improved since I first reviewed one last year: First Words Sampler review. The basic premise is still the same – the screen displays a Flash card, and the letter tiles for the word are... read more

Dirty Dancing!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Last August, my friends and I had a brainwave, and decided to book a little January treat for ourselves. We each invited a few friends, and before we knew it there were over twenty of us booked on a night out to see Dirty Dancing in the Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin. Best of all, we paid for the tickets in October, knowing that January can be a... read more

Thank you @mollymoo_ie

Today has been a day for surprises. The first surprise was the unfortunate discovery that I seem to have picked up a nasty gastro-bug that’s been rampant in Little Man’s crèche. I lasted until 11am at work before I realised I’d have to leave while I was still fit to drive home. By the time I got home at noon, I was fit for nothing but bed, so when Charlie put Little Man down for his... read more

Banana Buns – yum yum!

We absolutely love Banana Pancakes in this house – we usually make them one or two Saturdays a month, and they never last long. We’re also big fans of fairy cakes (or buns as we always called them growing up), especially lately because Little Man is now able to flick the switch to turn on the mixer! And he’s a dab hand at helping to lay out the bun cases in the baking tray, and scrape the... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Scrub-a-dub-dub

The potty training continues, and it’s still going quite well. Averaging 1-2 accidents a day, which isn’t bad at all. It does mean a few extra baths are in order this week... read more

Potty training: The crèche test

I was surprised to find I was nervous this morning getting Little Man ready for crèche. After the success of the weekend, and a very positive start to potty training, I was worried that the experience in crèche wouldn’t be as positive. I don’t know why – I should know by now that the carers there know what they are doing. And I’ll be the first to admit that they know a lot more... read more

Let the potty training begin

Back in July, we found ourselves stumbling into toddler-led toilet training. And to be honest, since then, not a lot has changed. We continued in much the same pattern – some days Little Man would opt to use the toilet or potty, and some days he wouldn’t. For a couple of months, he lost interest completely. And then recently, he decided he was interested in using the toilet or potty again.... read more

Looking for a playgroup?

Have you heard about It’s a brand new website dedicated to helping Irish parents meet other parents and find playgroups in your area. For many people in Ireland today, the place where they settle to raise their families is far from where they grew up themselves. The recent property boom left us with commuter towns full of “blow-ins”, and neighbourhoods where people... read more

Wordy Wednesday: Addicted to WELDER

This Wednesday is a little wordier than usual thanks to my latest app addiction. Following a recommendation I read for it yesterday, I downloaded a word game app called WELDER. Produced by Ayopa games, this app is a definite must for anyone who likes Scrabble, Boggle, or any similar word games. The premise is simple – slide or swap tiles to make words of four letters or more. When you create a word,... read more

I’m a quitter

Confession time. Despite my great intentions when I joined the gym last October, I had to face some cold hard truths in December and force myself to go to the gym reception desk and sign a quitter’s notice. Well I think officially they call it a “cancellation notice”, but the receptionist’s eyes clearly said “quitter”. Thankfully the gym I joined back in October offers... read more

Fantastic Find: Tessell Play Mat

Back in November, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on for a voucher for to the value of €180! Of course, I couldn’t wait to spend it – so… I didn’t! Now, the majority of the products on are geared towards younger children. And we’re past the stage of needing new buggies or weaning utensils, or changing bags. So I didn’t... read more

Thinking green thoughts

Little Man and I had a lovely visit this morning from Caitriona from Wholesomecook, and her two little boys. While Little Man was busy making friends, Caitriona and I were chatting about motherhood, community, blogging, and feeding our families. Specifically I was picking Caitriona’s brain for information and ideas about what to grow and how to grow it in our little urban garden. And that’s... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Gone Fishin’

One of the big hits this Christmas was a fishing game that Little Man received from one of his grandmothers. Amazon Fishing Game is not the most robust game, nor is it the prettiest – the fish look quite vicious! But it gets played with every day and has been the source of a lot of giggling fun in this... read more

Netflix: Sign me up!

When I checked my Twitter feed yesterday, every second tweet seemed to be about the launch of Netflix in Ireland and the UK. So of course curiosity got the better of me and I signed right up, wanting to see what all the fuss is about. Signing up is easy – just log in with your Facebook account, and it prompts you to enter your details, including your credit card details. The first month is free,... read more

Four Live attacks extended breastfeeding

Did any of you see Niamh from The Mama’s Hip blog being interviewed by Maura Derrane on Four Live on RTE 1 today? If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch it here on the RTE Player – Niamh is on at the very end. Be warned though, it’s not good viewing for blood pressure! Niamh is currently breastfeeding her two sons, the elder of whom is 3.5 years old. Like many women, Niamh... read more

Little greenfingers!

Our garden is teeny tiny – one of the many downsides to owning a boom-built house. But everything is just as good as you make it right? So each year we do our best to make the most of this little space we call our own. This year we’ve decided to try our hand at a few rows of vegetables instead of the usual flowers in our raised bed. I’m not sure how well it will work out because that bed... read more

App Review: Alphabeast

Before Christmas, I was delighted to receive a copy of Alphabeast, a new app for the iPad, for review – not just because we always have great fun reviewing children’s apps, but because this is an Irish-developed app. Alphabeast has been developed by a team of three developers – Chris Judge, James Kelleher, and Simon Judge – and has been released on iPad, but will shortly be... read more

Stop toddlers running up huge iTunes bills!

Over on today, I read yet another story of a toddler running up a huge iTunes bill while playing with a parent’s phone. And earlier this week, a coworker of mine got a huge shock when he downloaded a free game from Android Marketplace for his five year old and the five year old made two accidental purchases while playing with it. Now this isn’t a new problem for parents. It’s... read more

Wordless Wednesday: Beach weather?

In between the rain showers of the past couple of weeks, there have been some lovely blustery dry afternoons, perfect for getting out and running the toddler around to burn off some of his endless energy! We’re so lucky to have several beaches nearby. There’s no doubt about it though – even when it’s dry out, it’s still definitely winter! Brrrr! read more

Me no go creche

Oh dear. Back to work tomorrow. Why do work weeks drag and holidays fly by? It’s so unfair! This morning we decided that we’d better prepare Little Man for the fact that our play days are over and it’s back to reality tomorrow. “Mammy and Daddy have work tomorrow Little Man, and you get to go and play in creche!” “Me no go crèche.” “But all your friends... read more

Who says boys don’t like pink?!

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ll probably be aware that every so often I get annoyed about the pinkification of girls’ toys, and the complete gender stereotyping that is rife even at the pre-schooler stage. I may have even unwittingly contributed to the problem last year! So when Sinead shared this YouTube video on my Facebook wall this week, I really enjoyed it! If... read more