Normalising breastfeeding in Irish society

Following yesterday’s post about the ESRI findings about how low a percentage of Irish women breastfeed compared to non-Irish born women, I’ve been thinking a lot about breastfeeding attitudes in our society. Right now, formula feeding is seen as the standard and breastfeeding is the exception in Ireland. Once you get past the newborn stage, this is definitely the case. The HSE have been... read more

ESRI Study: Irish-born mothers less likely to breastfeed

The ESRI Report on Growing Up in Ireland 2010 was released today, November 29th. It makes for interesting reading. The news headlines are all focused on the high percentage of women who admit to drinking and smoking during pregnancy. But my attention was drawn to the figures on breastfeeding.       3.6.1 BREASTFEEDING AND SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES    Mothers who had not been born in Ireland (who... read more

That Christmas feeling

What a prefect start to Christmas. The tree is decorated. The appropriate baby-proofing measures have been put in place (by this I mean that sadly the tiny glass ornaments are staying in the attic this year, and the coffee table is cunningly positioned to block all access to the tree) and it’s snowing outside! It looks wonderful. I wonder will I still feel that way about it when I have to drive to... read more

The loneliest decision

I’ve been reminiscing a lot about this time last year. And of course one of the main things I’ve been remembering is learning how to breastfeed. You know, when you become a parent, you find out that you were naive about a lot of things. Things you thought you knew, you learn you didn’t have a clue about them. For me, breast-feeding was the steepest learning curve of all after Little Man... read more

Every parent’s medicine cabinet

All the talk yesterday about how Little Man has been sick constantly since starting creche got me thinking about how important it is to have a fully stocked medicine cabinet when there’s a baby or toddler in the house. I’ve seen on several occasions how quickly a baby can go from being perfectly fine to very ill. So here’s my list of must-haves for the medicine cabinet: Digital... read more

MMR time?

Little Man is now almost two months overdue his MMR. He was sick around the time of his first birthday when he was due to get it, so the doctor said we’d need to postpone it until he got better. And there have been times when he has been better since, but those times haven’t lasted very long unfortunately. I’d like him to be well for at least a week before we take him for the vaccine. And... read more

Luvvies as loveys

When Little Man was just three months old, his aunt and uncle in Canada gave him a gift of a small little bean-filled giraffe for him. According to his tag, his name was James. It wasn’t long before James the giraffe became a firm favourite in our house. So much so that we phoned Vancouver to request a second giraffe be sent over, in case the first one got lost! I’d say he was about five or six... read more

Getting in the Christmas spirit

I’m so excited about Christmas this year. Little Man loves anything shiny, especially lights. So I just can’t wait to see his face when the Christmas tree goes up. Hubbie is a big believer in waiting until December to put the tree up though, so I have to find other ways to get in the Christmas spirit for the moment. So this year, for the first time ever, I decided to make my own Christmas... read more

Ella’s kitchen – not just for weaning

When I was weaning Little Man, I discovered the Ella’s Kitchen range of convenience baby foods. I liked them because they contained nothing but the fruits and vegetables listed on the front of the pack. Many of the other baby foods I looked at seemed to have lists of additives and extra ingredients. So it was great to find a range that only contained what it was supposed to contain. I used the... read more

And he’s off!

Over the course of this weekend Little Man has gone from taking a few steps before falling on his bum to really walking. Crawling is no longer his preferred mode of getting from A to B. So I guess it’s official. Little Man is now a toddler. read more

A little shut eye!

Getting Little Man’s naps just right is a fine balancing act. Naps too long and he won’t sleep through the night. Naps too late and he won’t go down to sleep easily that evening. A few weeks ago he was moved into the senior baby room in the creche where the babies only get one nap during the day. At this stage Little Man still enjoyed his two naps a day so this came as quite a shock to... read more

Early to bed, early to rise

I got a shock when the sound of Little Man’s coughing woke me this morning. You see when I checked the clock it was 4.20am and it was the first time he woke me all night. A pleasant change. He’s been teething like crazy so we’ve had more broken nights’ sleep than I can count lately. Of course my good mood quickly evaporated when I realized that his coughing had woken him as well as... read more

BLW: Moroccan Chicken

Tried another recipe from the BLW cookbook today. Moroccan chicken this time. I have to say I was not impressed. Little Man took a small mouthful and then refused point blank to eat any more. And neither I nor hubbie liked it either. It was very watery and quite tasteless. Also it was time consuming to make. So a thumbs down for this one I’m afraid. We won’t be making it again.... read more

Flylady is cluttering my inbox

The irony of it. The website that claims to help you declutter your home doesn’t seem to give any thought to the amount of clutter it fills your inbox with. I have no idea how many emails a day I get from flylady but it must be between 10 and 20. And from what I can tell only one of those is relevant to my needs. That’s the one with the daily plan. The rest of the emails read like case studies... read more

This house of straw

Just when I thought we were getting the baby-proofing under control, the stair gate came out of the wall upstairs. Grrrr. We installed it properly with those special anchors that expand behind the plasterboard when you screw something in. Now we have a lovely hole in the wall the same diameter as the expanded anchor. The whole chunk of plaster just came away. Lucky us to be living in a house built during... read more

Sophie the giraffe

My favourite toy these days is Sophie the giraffe. Little Man is a big fan too but sometimes when he’s teething badly, I think I am more relieved than he is to see Sophie come out of the toy box. She is far and away the best teething toy around. This week Little Man seems to be cutting two more top teeth. They keep appearing above the gum line, and then the gums heal up again and they disappear for... read more

All by myself…I wanna be all by myself!

In the news this week is a very interesting study, which has found that only children are happier. Here’s a link to the article on Twitter. Almost the minute your first child is born, the questions start “Any sign of a little brother or sister?” There’s an expectation that at a minimum you’ll have a second. Because how can you possibly leave your child as an only child.... read more

A milestone

No this wasn’t one of Little Man’s milestones. This one was mine and hubbie’s. Tonight for the very first time, we got a babysitter who wasn’t family, and we went out. We went to the cinema and it was just great to get out together for a few hours. I think that it’s so important to get time together as a couple at any stage in your relationship. But it’s especially true... read more

Test driving the BLW cookbook

I was very excited on Thursday when my latest baby purchase – The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook – arrived. It took until today though for me to get a chance to try it out. The recipe I chose to try was for Lamb Tagine, which is a mildly spiced dish with lamb, tomato, apricots, sultanas, Ginger and garlic. It is slow cooked in the oven for two hours so that the lamb is soft and tender. Preparation... read more

Learning to fall asleep

No not the baby – believe it or not I’m talking about me. Pre-baby, I was dreadful at falling asleep. I could lie in bed for an hour or more running the events of the day through my head, or planning the following day. Certainly not resting or sleeping! Then to my shock when I was pregnant and I started doing GentleBirth/hypnobirthing,  I had an unexpected side effect. I did the course... read more

Another one down

Well it’s official. Little Man is now on two bottles a day instead of three. He’s been gradually reducing the amount of milk he takes in his afternoon bottle for the past couple of weeks. And then this week he started refusing it. He refused it once from us, and he refused it every day bar one in the past week from the crèche. So we decided today to drop it. The creche gave him a couple of... read more

Born to laugh; Learn to cry

According to a news story doing the rounds today, we were all born knowing how to laugh, but crying to express emotion is a learned response. Here’s a link to the story in the Mail Online. It’s hard to see how there is any truth to this research when it’s obvious to anyone who has ever cared for a newborn that we are definitely born knowing how to cry. Maybe the distinction is in the... read more

Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Beer

While drinking Bavaria 0.0% in a pub when I was about 28 weeks pregnant, I got some scathing looks from people. I found myself twisting the bottle around to point the label towards them. Afterwards I was wondering what on earth I was doing – as if it was any business of theirs anyway. People can be unbelievably rude.   Anyway, that little story aside, this beer was my lifesaver while pregnant. For... read more

Poem for expectant mothers

While I was pregnant someone shared this poem with me and it made me cry – in a good way! When labour started I read it again and I think it helped me enjoy early labour and those last few hours of pregnancy. These Last Few Hours It is important to me that i spend a part of the next few hours here alone with you in the darkness. You and i will never be this close again. By morning you will be a tiny... read more

Paracetamol Panic

There were two big stories about paracetamol and babies in the news today. The first was this one, which says that use of paracetamol products is linked to asthma in children: Paracetamol: A Bitter Pill And the second was this one, which says that Painkillers in Pregnancy are linked to sex organ problems in baby boys. Both of these stories are disturbing. The first because I regularly give Little Man a... read more

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