Save a life this summer!

Today, over on The Leaky B@@b facebook page (a wonderful breastfeeding support resource that I would recommend to any new parents hoping to breastfeed their child), they shared the most important article you will read this summer – or any summer for that matter. Did you know that the way that Hollywood depicts drownings is not realistic? When a person has actually reached the point of drowning (as... read more

Irish Childcare: Where are the men?

Although we are very happy with Little Man’s creche, one thing that Charlie and I really feel it is lacking is a male presence. For 8-10 hours a day on the days he is in childcare, Little Man is in a solely female environment. There are no male childcare workers there. And this is not a phenomenon that’s exclusive to one particular creche. When we were looking for suitable childcare, not one of... read more

Loving the local library

Yesterday was another rainy, windy day (don’t you love May in Ireland!), so rather than sit in the house all day, we paid a visit to our local library with Little Man. We’ve been lots of times before, but in the past month, Little Man has really started to show an interest in books. I think it’s since he’s become interested in learning to talk. Suddenly all those words and pictures... read more

Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Something strange happened to me this week. I realised that I’ve started to like Twitter more than Facebook. This is actually kind of funny, because Charlie was annoying me for years telling me to start using Twitter, but I tried it for a day or two, and just couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Then when I started blogging last year, Charlie mentioned Twitter again as a good way to... read more

Mama’s take on Creamy Fish Pie

I don’t know what it is about me, but I can never just follow a recipe exactly as it is given. Even before I’ve tried out the basic recipe, I always have to tweak it a little. I think I consider recipes and recipe books to be sources of inspiration rather than instruction. So when I read the recipe for Creamy Fish Pie with breadcrumb topping in The Photo Cookbook app, I was inspired to make... read more

Stay connected!

Exciting news today everyone! I’m launching a newsletter to help you stay up-to-date with the latest features and articles from the site. All you have to do to subscribe is submit your email address in the Newsletter form in the right-hand column. And in return you’ll receive an email from once a month! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead – sign up... read more

Wordless Wednesday: One of those nights

read more

Our Playdough: One week on

Just over a week ago, we tried a new Homemade Playdough recipe. We were pretty happy with the results on the day, but I was curious to see how well it would last too. Actually, I’ve been pretty impressed with the results. The colours have bled a little bit into each other, but the texture and elasticity of the playdough is still great. It still smells fresh as well, which is surprising, because I... read more

Mammy, where was I when the President came?

Today was a special day in Ireland. President Obama came to visit us. That’s Obama of the Moneygall Obama’s in case you were wondering. Watching the speeches on College Green, I felt my heart swell. And judging by the crowd I wasn’t alone. “Look,” I wanted to tell Little Man, “the Taoiseach is introducing the President.” “Look, the Taoiseach is still... read more

Trust your toddler

In spite of everything I’ve read about Baby-led weaning, and about trusting your toddler not to let himself starve, I still find it almost impossible to just “let him be” when Little Man is off his food. And yet time after time, when he starts eating again I wonder why I didn’t just trust Little Man to eat when he was ready. In the past two months, Little Man has had two bad chest... read more

App review: The Photo Cookbook Quick & Easy

We got a delicious new app this week – yes, delicious! Don’t believe me? Check out the photos. “The Photo Cookbook Quick & Easy” is a cookery app that will make your mouth water. The interface works really well – you slide each column up and down to view the recipes available for each category – meat, fish, vegetarian, and desserts. When you open a recipe, it is... read more

Does hypnobirthing really work?

There was a very interesting story on the BBC news yesterday. The NHS is launching an official study on the effectiveness of hypnobirthing during labour. The study will be carried out in selected hospitals across the north west of England. Check out the video report on the BBC: NHS study tests effectiveness of hypnobirthing If you’ve read my birth story, you’ll know that I used Gentlebirth... read more

Book Review: Happy Baby board books

Last weekend, Little Man’s auntie gave him three new books as a present. His auntie was worried that he would be too old for them, because they are simple word books – but as it turns out they are perfect! His speech has been coming along in leaps and bounds for the past month or so, and he loves learning new words, and learning the names of things. (Seriously – we can easily spend 30... read more

Five rainy day activities with a toddler

We’ve all been there. The chirpy little voice wakes you up bright and early, full of the joys of life and bounding with energy for the day ahead. Then you notice that 6am is not quite as bright as usual, so you take a look outside, and it’s pouring rain. Groan. Not again. (This is Ireland after all!) Cancel the plans for the playground. Instead, you have a whole day trapped in your house with... read more

Growing the tallest sunflower

Step 1: Plant a sunflower in your garden. I’ll admit Little Man and I have cheated a little – we got this sunflower plant from his Nana this weekend when we were visiting. But we got it all the way home in one piece, and we planted it out without killing it! I took the opportunity to try out the Hipstamatic app on my phone to take a photo of our wonderful planting. Looks nice doesn’t it?... read more

The Playdough Experiment Part 2

Back in February, I experimented with making some homemade playdough for Little Man. The experiment was a success in that Little Man had great fun with the playdough, but I wasn’t too happy with the dough itself. It was a bit crumbly, and didn’t have the elasticity of store-bought playdough. So when I found an alternative recipe in The Parent’s Guide to Play, I decided to try it... read more

Three unnecessary purchases

When you first become a parent, it seems like there’s so much you have to learn – and an infinite amount of things you have to buy. A crib, a cot, a buggy, clothes, nappies, bottles, sterilisers… the list goes on and on. So I guess it’s no surprise when you’re trying to ensure you’ve got everything you could need for your little one, that you end up with a few things you... read more

Bad breastfeeding advice

Have you seen this story? Child Protection Services were called on Mariah Carey because she was trying to follow some breastfeeding advice that she received. One of her nurses advised her that drinking Guinness would help increase her milk supply, which would in turn help her to feed her newborn twins. A “concerned citizen” saw her sipping from from a bottle of Guinness stout in the hospital... read more

Dinner at Nando’s

Eating out with a toddler is always an adventure. Not every restaurant likes to see parents arriving in with small children. Those same small children don’t eat much, they can have a tendency to be noisy, and there’s always the potential that they’ll fling food around the room given half a chance. We eat out quite a bit, so because he’s used to it, Little Man is generally... read more

Push Presents: What do they mean to you?

Have you heard of a “Push Present”? It’s the name given to a present given by a new father to a new mother after she gives birth to their first child. They’re causing quite a stir in the “blogosphere” in the US at the moment, following the news story about Rachel Zoe receiving a 10 carat diamond ring as a push present. Some women are adamant that they are entitled to an... read more

Support the ISPCC!

I received a request today, asking if I would mind publicising the new advertising campaign from the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC). I immediately agreed because the ISPCC provide support for the most vulnerable children in our society. You can view their new campaign on their YouTube Channel. The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Summer Campaign is... read more

Tracking those vaccines!

Did you know that it’s the World Health Organisation’s European Immunisation Week? I didn’t until my friend Trevor emailed me about it earlier – thanks Trev! A new iPhone app was launched by, in association with Aptimal to help parents track the numerous childhood vaccinations that are recommended. This free app, called the Child Immunisation Tracker, is especially... read more

Hypnobirthing wins over a sceptic!

I saw a great video today from Heather Van Nest, a US journalist who recently used hypnobirthing instead of pain medication during labour. Her story is really interesting because she had originally planned not to take any childbirth classes before labour. Her husband has a medical background, and they felt that his background would allow him to guide them through the process. You can see the video, and... read more

Peekaboo – it’s a pig!

This week, we have mostly been playing Peekaboo Barn! This app is produced by Night & Day Studios Inc, and the full version of it retails for EUR1.59. There’s also a Lite version, which you can download for free. Peekaboo barn is a simple app – but Little Man loves it. A red barn appears on the screen, and it vibrates and makes noise to let you know that there’s something inside!... read more

Guest Post: Nate’s birth story

Today, I’m delighted to feature Nate’s natural, active birth story from Lauren. Thanks for sharing Lauren! Lauren is a Texan relocated to Dublin and one half of the team raising a hilarious baby boy called Nathaniel. She recently started The Dare Project to keep track of motherhood and hopes it will be a lovely, if not slightly embarrassing, gift for her kid when he’s all grown up. It is... read more

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