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Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in Play |

Toy of the year: Playdough

Toy of the year: Playdough

We have a winner folks! Toy of the year goes to Playdough, without a doubt. This has to be the most versatile toy around.

When you make the homemade version together, you get to play at baking (of sorts!), and then the finished product is a substance that can be moulded into just about anything you can think of.

Same goes for the store-bought version, which we’ve been using lately because we found it for 50c a tub in Tescos!

This week we’ve mostly been thinking of trains and purple dinosaurs. I think we’re getting better at this playdough modelling. Little Man rolled the balls to make the train wheels, and he rolled small sausages to make the dinosaur arms. (Yes I admit it – this was an attempt at Barney. We’ll have to practice that one I think – it’s not quite there!)



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