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Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Life | 3 comments

Thirteen weeks old

Thirteen weeks old

Let’s start with the big news! Guess who rolled over this week and gave her parents a fright! That’s right. Mid-way through the week, I had Little Woman on her playmat for her usual tummy time. Charlie and I were watching her and talking about how strong she seems to have become in the past week, holding her head right up and pushing herself up. I said to Charlie “She looks like she’s going to be rolling over in the next few weeks.” No sooner had I said it than over she went from her tummy to her back, delighted with herself.

Since then tummy time doesn’t last long. Given half an opportunity, she flips herself over on to her back, and then she spends her time trying to roll on to her tummy again. She hasn’t managed it yet but we’re no longer underestimating her! Getting her to sleep on her back is becoming difficult because she can easily roll up on to her side now and she prefers it.

Her new trick isn’t the only change we’ve seen this week. On Tuesday feeding seemed to go a little bit haywire and suddenly she started refusing my left side. Well not refusing it exactly, but as soon as the milk let down she’d fuss and come off and get very upset. After numerous guesses as to what could be causing the issue, I realized that instead of being hungry an hour after she last fed, she was tired. So for the rest of the week, when she got fussy like that, I put her in her pram or in the co-sleeper with her soother and off she went to sleep. Amazing. And these weren’t the 30 minute naps I’ve grown used to. They were lovely long 2-3 hour naps. I’m guessing that the change is a result of passing the 12 week mark. Though who knows really?

Timing couldn’t be better though. Thursday was Little Man’s last day of crèche. He won’t return now until he starts preschool in September. I was a bit worried how I’d manage if Little Woman wouldn’t take any decent naps during the day. But just in time she’s made the switch.



  1. She has got so big. Cannot wait to see her in two weeks time. Love the little dress

  2. Well done, Little Woman! I love the weekly photos, Lisa. They’re motivating me to pull out the albums and look at my two as they changed from week to week.

    • It’s hard to believe how quickly they change isn’t it? She doesn’t look newborn anymore – not by a long shot!

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