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Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Life | 5 comments

There really was a penguin!

There really was a penguin!

Blogging while under the weather – and more importantly while under the influence of antibiotics and paracetamol – may not be the best idea. Last night I wrote a lovely Wordless Wednesday post all about how Little Man and Charlie made a cute Christmas jumper of a penguin. And then I illustrated it with a photo of Little Man wearing a snowman jumper. I proofed it twice, posted it, read it again and NEVER spotted the issue. Doh!

I would probably never have spotted it if Jill hadn’t pointed it out to me. 🙂

So the post is fixed now – but I feel I owe you a photo of the penguin. This felt cut-out hasn’t made it onto a jumper yet – but it will! So here it is – the original penguin that got me all confused in my ‘flu-addled state!



  1. In fairness I went to make some felt decorations this week copy ones i have. following the penguin template I cut out all the necessary black & white then stuck a big red section on the front, referring to the robin one i had. Now I have a pengbin/robguin. It still made it to the tree mind.

    • It’s great to know I’m not alone with these kinds of things!

  2. Lovely Penguin.

  3. Lisa AND Jill….Ye’ve given me some laugh!!!!

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