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Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Life |

Ten weeks old

Ten weeks old

Ten weeks old. This has been a great week. Irish summer has finally arrived and we’re making the most of it while it lasts. Little Woman has been feeding a bit more often than usual during the day, but for shorter feeds, so I think she’s actually quenching her thirst. I’m fascinated to notice that the hotter the day, the more milk I have and the more watery it is. Just right for her needs. Isn’t the human body amazing?

I tried expressing another bottle for her this week but she was not keen on it at all. She gagged on it and spat it out at first. When she did eventually suck on it, she choked really easily so I think the flow was just too strong for her. I may try again next week and see how we get on. Perhaps with a different bottle type.

I’ve really felt we had great freedom this week. And I’ve definitely grown in confidence when it comes to feeding – which of course is contributing to this newfound freedom. This week alone I fed in friend’s houses, in a coffee shop, in the car (parked of course!), in TGI Fridays, in the doctor’s office, and in the park. I’ve almost given up on wearing breastfeeding tops and I’m relying on loose fitting t-shirts or tops with a string vest beneath them instead because I feel I can feed more discretely in the regular tops.

Little Woman continues to get bigger and stronger. I’m pushing it a bit to still have her in her 0-3 month clothes. Some 0-3 month clothes are only up to 11lbs. She definitely doesn’t fit those anymore. Others are up to 14lbs and she is filling the body of those, though she still has plenty of space in the legs of them.

I took her for her two month vaccines this week, a week late because we were away last week when they were due. My poor baby – I think it was the first time I heard her cry properly. I was fairly close to tears myself. Thankfully she recovered quickly and an hour later she was back to her usual happy self. She didn’t seem to have any major reaction to them.

Sleep-wise, there hasn’t really been a pattern during the days this week. She had at least one long nap and one short nap most days. But not at any particular time. The nights are different though. She seems to have settled into feeding once around 3am for a very short feed (from the time she wakes until she’s fed and back in her co-sleeper asleep again is usually about 15 minutes). Then she sleeps until around 6am, after which she may or may not go back again for a couple of hours.

Developmentally, we’ve had a few giggles and a lot more interaction. She loves to sit in her bouncer and watch whatever we’re doing. As long as she can see what’s going on, she’s usually happy.


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