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Posted by on Apr 16, 2011 in Play, Reviews | 3 comments

Splish splash with Tomy Octopals

Splish splash with Tomy Octopals

“Splish splash I’m taking a bath!” That’s what we always sing when it’s bathtime in our house. And Little Man’s favourite bathtime pals have to be his Tomy Octopals.

The green base floats in the bath, and Mama Octopus and her eight babies sit on top of it. Mama Octopus is actually an orange cup with sieve holes. We have a lot of fun with her, and she’s quite useful – I regularly use her as a mini shower to rinse the suds out of Little Man’s hair! The baby octopusses are great as well. They can suck up water, and squirt it back out when you squeeze them. Or you can stick them to the wall, to the side of the bath, to any smooth surface really. It takes a bit of effort to get them back of the wall or the side of the bath. There’s a knack to it – but when you get it just right, they POP off, as Little Man discovered, much to his amusement.

Each baby Octopus has a big number of its back, which can be matched to one of the spaces on the green base. Little Man can’t read his numbers yet though, so that particular feature isn’t part of our bath time play just yet!


  1. Looks good Lisa! Our little fella has suddenly developed an EXTREME fear of the bath…sob! So difficult now!

  2. Oh dear! That happened to us for a while after I mistakenly tried to use a cool bath to bring down a high fever in Little Man! Never again! (I’ve since learned that that’s not recommended now anyway for bringing down high temperatures.) And it took weeks and weeks before he trusted the bath again. In the end, he just seemed to forget about it. Hope your little guy does the same!

  3. They are so cute, my little one had a fear of the bath for 6 weeks and has now started getting back in so i promised her i would buy her a new bath toy for being so good and brave, these look like fun for her 🙂
    Lilliwhiterose (@Lilliwhiterose) recently posted..Afraid of the Dreaded Bath, Update:My Profile

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