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Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in Calendar Event, Play | 4 comments

Ready for the reindeer!

Such a cute idea from Little Man’s creche today. They sent all the kids home with a small pouch of reindeer food, so that they could leave a snack out for Rudolph on Christmas Eve. Now in my day, Rudolph always ate carrots, but it seems he’s moved up in the world. These days he gets magic reindeer food – a mixture of rolled oats and glitter!

I have to admit it looks fantastic, and Little Man was just so excited about it. “Put in the garden Mammy, put food in the garden,” he repeated to me the whole way home. It took all my powers of persuasion to convince him to tie the pouch to the tree for now, and wait until Santa’s coming before we open it up.

I must admit, I’m pretty excited myself. I can’t wait now for Christmas Eve, when we can open the pouch and sprinkle the food in the garden for Rudolph. It sounds like a wonderful activity, perfect for encouraging dreams of sleigh bells on that magical night.


Do you have any special activities that you do on Christmas Eve to help bring the magic to life for your children? I’d love to hear (steal!) your ideas!


  1. That’s a lovely idea. My son is still too young to understand what’s going on but for the 12 days of Christmas Ive been reading a beautifully illustrated edition of The Night Before Christmas as it was something I read to my little sisters when we were growing up. We will go to mass Christmas Eve and then home for a bath, new pj’s and his story. Maybe in a few years time I might have added some things to the list but for now Im keeping it simple.
    That is a very cute idea leaving special reindeer food.

    • I loved that book when I was younger Tanya. I’m afraid right now Peppa’s Christmas is proving to be the most popular Christmas book in our house, but I’m hopeful we can move on to The Night Before Christmas at some stage! Your Christmas Eve routine sounds lovely. 

  2. Oh sounds like he’s really excited about Christmas and Santa this year 🙂

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