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Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Pregnancy | 2 comments

Pregnancy: Week 40

Pregnancy: Week 40

It’s a bit misleading for me to title this post “Pregnancy: Week 40”. Because you see I was only pregnant for two full days of it. Two long days during which I began to wonder if this baby would ever come out.

The constant Braxton Hicks were driving me crazy. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was cranky and my discomfort was affecting my sleep. Thank God for my Gentlebirth hypnobirthing tracks. At least I was able to listen to them and relax.

So Thursday and Friday passed slowly, and I braced myself for potentially two more weeks of the same. On Friday night as I was getting into bed, something felt strange and I realised my belly button had given up the ghost and finally popped. I joked to Charlie “I hope this means I’m done!”

A twinge woke me at 2am. And another short twinge at 4am. One more at 5am. And then one at 6am. None longer than 30 seconds, so I wasn’t sure…but I hoped it meant the end was in sight! And it did!


  1. Hahahaaaa, your belly button popped like an egg timer 🙂 so glad she didn’t go over too long xxx

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